Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

This is Jean's last Bloomin' Tuesday of the season.  It has been mild for the last week, but they say cold weather is on its way.   There are still quite a few blooms, but I've been showing them a lot, so I tried to find the ones that I may not have shown as often. 

I took the first group of photos Saturday, and the rest, today.

The several nights in the 20s we've had have finished the season for a number of annuals.  I got some of them pulled and put on the compost pile.  The front yard looks different without the gomphrenas.  The perennials seem happy to have all the space.  Next year, I won't give them the competition of the annuals, not as many, anyway.   

I took Larry's weird vine off of the trellis, and collected as many of the just as weird seed pod dealies as I could, but know I missed some.  They look like 1/4 to 1/2 inch potatoes.  I used to think the vine was a perennial, but figured out it reseeds.  Now that the grass is gone, I ended up weeding it out of areas beyond where it normally grows.  

The dianthus in the washtub in the center of the new front yard area has new blooms.  Some of the plants would just keep blooming away if the weather allowed.  Like me, they aren't ready for winter.

The black and blue salvias have frost damage, but are still blooming.

The petunias have a new flush of blooms.

I did show these clematis in front of the porch recently, but they are still looking pretty, so I included them in this post.

This clematis is on the trellis against the front of the house.

This rose plant got put into the egress window this evening.  The plant got eaten by something, and does not look very healthy, but it has survived in a pot for a number of years.  Hopefully, it will come through this winter.

These are the mums that I showed the buds on recently, and have finally opened in the last week.

The delphinium is still blooming.

The 'Wichita Mountains' goldenrod is about finished blooming.

I think this is a campanula of some kind.  Its main bloom time is in the spring, but it has a few new ones.

'Immortality' iris held up well this fall.

It seems like pineapple sage starts blooming here just in time for the freezing temperatures to take it down.

I've shown these irises recently, too, but I had to show them again because they are lasting so long.

I went for quite a long time without growing mums.  I was not a fan of them because they either wanted to spread too far, or else they would die after a year or two.  Larry talked me into getting more, and the ones I'm showing in this post were just planted last year.  The 'Debonair' ones I've had several years, and they seem to do well, but not try to take over.  I don't remember the names of the new ones.  These are starting to turn pink as they fade.  I like that.

Here's the picture I was able to take before the camera's batteries died.  We got pots of lavender and a few others tucked in for the winter, and watered after work today.

I hope those of you who got so much snow have been able to dig out and get your power restored.  I hope Texas gets more rain.  I saw the news coverage of the horrible dust and dirt storms in Texas.

As we get ready for daylight savings time to end, I am looking forward to it being lighter when I go to work in the mornings, but not to it getting dark so early in the evenings. 


  1. Looks like we will be getting some winter tomorrow too, in the way of a little snow and some rain. .we will not complain. It is always sad to see the flowers end. .but yours have been thrilling through and through!! I did snap some photos last Thursday of the blooms still going on here. .hope to post them this week. .be sure to stop by later in the week. .My garden posts have been scarce since there are so many other blog-worthy things going on in our world as of late! Have a great week!

  2. Hi Sue--my , you still have such a variety of things in bloom. I'm intrigued by your hidden stash of lavender, etc. Do they go dormant there in the window well? What a neat idea....I have a few things that are not hardy to my zone (4)--this might be an idea I can use. How late do you water them?

  3. Wow Sue you still have some lovely flowers blooming even though winter is knocking at your door. It must be kind of sad to put your gardens to sleep every year, but oh the joy come spring.


  4. Hi Sue - We've been away for a week and what a difference it made in the garden - most of the leaves are off the trees and everything seems to have fallen into winter dormancy. Even the mums are finished!

  5. You are one busy gal, Sue. Happy November :)

  6. I must know is this a special tpe of iris ?Phenomenal. We have an african iris that blooms year round like a flag//

  7. Sue, you have planted an outstanding garden to have interest in all seasons. I wish I had as many flowers still blooming. The change in daylight will put another roadblock to my getting ready for winter, but it will be nicer to have daylight earlier, too.

  8. I love it when a gardener stretches the blooms right out into night time temperatures in the 20s - terrific! I'm going to look for Immortal and that Wichita Mountain Goldenrod - thanks for posting their pics. My clematis are down to the puffy seed-head of the species varieties all big bloomers are asleep. Would you happen to know what variety it is?

  9. Hey, what a clever idea to overwinter pots in your window well! I never thought of that, and I have 4 of those window wells. I've already hauled my tender pots into the basement, but I think I'll experiment next year with some of those that are not quite zone hardy like my black and blue salvia.

  10. You still have some lovely blooms to enjoy, but I can certainly see you're starting to undo all the hard work of the past few months in preparation for your long, cold winter. I know I've said so before, but it would break my heart to watch my garden shrivel up and die at the end of each summer. I know you view things quite differently...as a chance to paint a brand new garden all over again for next summer. That's tenacity!

  11. You still have quite a bit blooming! I think I've had the same experience with the Pineapple Sage...just as it bloomed, it was hit by a hard freeze...every time I planted it!

  12. Hi Sue,
    I, too, like the idea of using the basement window well for tender perennials. I have two big basement wells like that. I have been burying a few pots in the soil right next to the window wells and never considered just dropping them down there. Thanks for the great idea!


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