Monday, November 14, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Despite a number of nights in the twenties, a few blooms are hanging on for Carol's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  I have included some seedheads as well.

I love snapdragons!

The bergenia bloom faded, but still has color.

 This lavender is looking pretty good.

Knautia has a number of blooms most of the season.

I don't remember if this sedum bloomed this summer.

The mums are almost finished, but still have some color.

I tend to neglect to show the sweet alyssums, but they sure are loaded with blooms most of the summer.



Some petunias have decided to have a few more blooms.

I don't remember the honeysuckle blooming this time of year before.  There are just a few left.

I love the shape and scent of stock blooms.

I like the color of these volunteer salvias.

'Immortality' iris is trying to live up to its name.

Like me, this snapdragon is not ready for winter!

'Fireworks' goldenrod:

This helenium is 'Mardi Gras'.  It has sent out a few new blooms, even though the rest of the seedheads have been on the plant quite awhile.

Thess look a lot like the mums I showed a few photos previously, but the ones above were white when they first opened, and these have always been pink.

This verbena from a friend's farm looks to be pretty spready.  I love it, so will work to keep in within the boundaries I have for it.

The blackberry lily seed pods are poisonous, plus they reseed more freely than I have room for, so I should take them off soon.

Salvia Plumosa:

The catmints are throwing out a few last blooms.

A couple pincushion blooms are providing some nice blue color.

I like how 'Autumn Joy' sedum puts out new flowers that mingle with the old ones.

Eupatorium, 'Prairie Jewel':

The nameless plants I got this summer turned out to be coreopsises of some kind.

The pineapple sage is continuing to put on new blooms, now that it's finally ready to flower.

Inside, some of the holiday cacti have lots of buds, with a few flowers open so far. 

I hope to make it to some blogs in the next few days to see what's blooming for you. 


  1. You have so much still blooming there; even though the nights are colder, they still do their best, don't they? I have never seen an iris bloom so late in the year, truly does live up to its name. The beautyberry is so pretty, too!

  2. Amazing amount of blooms still. All I have is alyssum, and I think those are the self sown offspring of this summers batch. Is you lavendar hardy there? Or do you drag it in the house for the winter?

  3. Wow Sue, I can't believe all the color you still have in your gardens. I loved seeing it all, and how wonderful for you to still be getting some enjoyment this late in the season.


  4. I'm amazed at all that you still have blooming, Sue! My garden has pretty well given up for the winter, though I did manage to find a few stray blooms. I'm loving the beautyberries this time of year, too. 'Immortality' is definitely on my wish list now. Happy Bloom Day!

  5. You've got a full post here full of blooms so late in the season! I love the color of the catmint...I'm going to have to learn more about that plant. Seems I've heard it will grow here. Happy GBBD, Sue!

  6. What a lot of colour and beauty in your garden! I adore the Beautyberries. Stunning!
    Happy GBBD :)

  7. I think Sweet Alyssum is my newest old favorite. It has so many uses as a filler.

    We've all had a little taste of frost.

  8. interesting blog, good job
    Un saludo

  9. Wish I could show blooms like yours.
    The Beautyberries are amazing.

  10. So beautiful...don't you just love the Knautia! I'm smitten with the 'Prairie Jewel' Eupatorium...must find that one!

  11. enjoy looking at all your berries.
    So beautiful.

  12. Wow Sue, that's a lot of bloom. I am going to have to try to find Helenium 'Mardi Gras' seeds/plants. That is one attractive sneezeweed! Happy GBBD~one day late. xogail

  13. I can't even believe what all you still have going on. Lovely blooms.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  14. I love the beautyberries and autumn joy during this time of year. My folks have several of these plants in their garden at home. The Autumn Joy really does well this time of year for them.

  15. Lovely pics!! Nice blog!!

  16. Love the sedum. I saw Knautia at the nursery today and thought hmm, what do I know about it, where could I put one. Resisted the impulse this time.


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