Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Lots of Flowers for Tuesday

It won't be long before the weather determines that some of the blooms will be finished for the season.  Right now, I am pleased at all the blooms that are still looking good.  I haven't seen any monarchs for a few days, so they must have left to go to Mexico. 

I needed to limit my photos for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday so I can get to bed on time this evening. 

The front yard seems to be my favorite place to be these days.

'Immortality' is continuing to bloom.  I have an unnamed one by the curb that I forgot to take a picture of that looks quite summery.  I'll have to get a photo of it before the bloom fades.

The lisianthus plants have been blooming all summer, and are still going strong.

Anemone 'September Charm' and 'Debonair' mums:

I love agastaches!

A Volunteer Hibiscus:

This is one of the mums I planted last September while in full bloom, not knowing whether they would survive winter.  The others are not blooming yet.

Blackberry lily seedheads sure are pretty, but I will be cutting these back so they don't seed all over the place.

The cleomes are still blooming away.

I still can't remember the name of this hibiscus.  It may have had 'party' in the name.

This is a salvia plumosa of some kind.  It may have another word in its name.

I hope you are having nice weather like we are.  It makes it easier to enjoy fall, even though many of us dread what happens to our plants in the winter.


  1. I love the Agastaches so much too. Mine is still blooming like crazy, despite lots of frosty mornings. It looks better than ever.

  2. Your garden is lovely. Can't imagine how you survive all winter with no blooms. I'll bet you miss it. Here's hoping for a long autumn season!

  3. Can certainly see why your front garden is your favourite spot........ beautiful

  4. Wow Sue ~ I'd be hanging out in your lovely front garden too. You have so much color, texture and no doubt scents to enjoy.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. Sue,

    Those anemones are stunning. I think we have a start of that one. Just a few buds are started on ours! An iris this time of year, wow!

  6. Your front garden is amazing. Love the mums!

  7. I can see why you love the front garden; I do too.

    I like the way you combined the pinks and lavenders and the white lisianthus with the little short white?
    Would the Immortality fit in there somewhere?

    Enjoy it while you can. I know our gardening days are numbered.

    I saw one Monarch yesterday!

  8. Those panorama shots would make great screen savers

  9. It looks like a blooming party in your front yard, Sue! This is the first year I've had an agastache, and I agree--I love this plant! I'm waiting to see how it fares over the winter, but I think I'll definitely be adding more next year.

  10. The anemone are beautiful. No wonder you love the front yard so much, it looks amazing.

  11. Sue, Your front yard garden still looks amazing! I love that you have soo much color even in the fall. Jean


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