Monday, September 5, 2011

September's First Bloomin' Tuesday

How did September get here already?  After such a hot last couple of months, it got down to the 40s this morning!  Someone in the neighborhood has been starting their fireplace before dark, forcing me inside, because my lungs are sensitive, and it hurts to breathe.  A couple nights ago, when I let Heidi out for the final time, I could actually see smoke in the air.  I wonder if that's legal.  They started the burning before 4 this afternoon, so, once again, I had to stay inside when I wanted to be out gardening.  I ended up taking over 2 hours to get groceries.  How could I be that slow?

I did make it out in the 40s this morning to take some photos for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday.  I tried to keep them to ones I haven't posted yet, or not too many times so far.

I only planted a few of these Teddy Bear sunflower seeds, then decided to only let one of them grow, because I didn't have much room for them.  I sure like this one!

The insects like the blooms, too.

'Debonair' mums:

'September Charm' anemone:

A tall variety of snapdragon:

I forgot what kind of zinnias these are in the pot:


The lantanas are full of blooms.

Is it 'Black Jack' or 'Jack Black' sedum?

Helenium, 'Ruby Tuesday':

I deadheaded the butterfly bush yesterday.

Blue Mist Spirea:

The gaurias are full of blooms.

The boltonias are also.

Eupatorium, 'Prairie Jewel':

An old fashioned marigold from Baker's Seeds, and verbena bonariensis are blooming in the vegetable garden.

Cypress vine:

These four o' clocks have been coming back from seeds for several years.

Larry took my computer to get repaired today, because it was coming apart at its seam.  Apple is not going to charge us for the repair, even though it's past its warranty, because other computers like mine have had the same problem.  They will be taking 5 or 6 days to get the work done, though, so Larry is letting me finish the post on his computer.  I started to do it on his ipad, but the photos weren't showing.  I'm glad I had them in the post already.

I continue to be behind in my blog reading.  I am also behind in my gardening.  I hope things are going OK wherever you are, and I hope to get some blogs visited this week.


  1. Love the Boltonia-I've been wanting to add one to my garden, but ......... NEXT YEAR!!!
    I have's wonderful stuff, especially if allowed to weave through other plants. I've grown some from seed this year and have to get them in the ground quickly---I see our temps are at 36 right now--so fall is definately here!
    Your blooms are quite beautiful-hope you get some garden time in.

  2. Sue ~ I'm always impressed by all of the different lovely blooms you have there in your corner garden.

    40 degree temps sound nice to me, but we'll be lucky if we even see that, maybe in Dec/Jan.

    Hope you get your computer back soon and all is ok.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I have never seen those type of sunflowers. Would you mind sharing where you got the seeds? I'd love to add those to our collection next spring.
    Lovely blooms, all!

  4. Your teddybear sunflowers are lovely! In fact, so are all of your blooms! Again, I sit here and marvel at the variety of plants you have in your incredibly prolific and much loved garden. So sorry to hear your usable daylight gardening hours have been shortened by the smokey atmosphere!

  5. The teddybear sunflowers are really neat. I'll have to look for those. You have a lot blooming. I hope you get some time in the garden soon. Enjoy the cooler weather.

  6. I really enjoy my blue mist spirea. .so much that I found a couple of volunteer seedlings and planted them next to the fence we built this past weekend!! They are loved by so many winged creatures. .it will be nice to spread the viewing pleasure to another area of my yard!!

  7. I have some Teddy Bear sunflower seeds that I never got around to planting. After seeing your great photos, I could kick myself. There's always next year.

    Snapdragons always look so pretty this time of year and I'm still seeing the hummingbirds on them.

    I know all about being behind on things. You could call me the Queen of Behind. lol


  8. You have a lot of different blooms for this late in the season and they all look so good.

    I love the Teddy Bear sunflower.

  9. Hello again Sue--I put up a post on that fabric you inquired about--

    Hope that gives you the info you need.
    And I gotta say it again--you're garden is soooo beautiful-even after a dreadful summer!!

  10. Did I miss the hellebros sp this year?

  11. You still have so much in bloom! Love the "Teddy Bear" sunflower and especially the sedum- what a stunner.
    Thanks for visiting my little blog - have a good week

  12. Sue, you have so many lovely things in your fall garden. I cannot believe it is already the 7th of September! Enjoy the days.


  13. Lots of goodies in your garden.
    I'm in love with the 'Ruby Tuesday' and Cypress.

  14. Your garden still has so much in flower at the moment, Sue. I particularly like the gaura. They are a very special dainty flowers. I didn't realise that Eupatorium cameos in white. It's on the wish list.

  15. Sorry, I'm using my iPad and it has an annoying habit of "correcting"my spelling. But you get the gist!

  16. Sue, everything looks so pretty. I thought how beautiful an arrangement would be of the Teddy Bear Sunflowers with the Debonair Mums and Boltonia would be. I loved the new header (at least it's new to me--I am so unobservant sometimes)with the grandkids. So sweet!

  17. Everything looks beautiful! We have a few of the same flowers. :o) I had to pull my Japanese anemones last year becaue I couldn't keep them moist enough but a few came back. They're tougher than I thought! But we've had so much rain this week, I wouldn't be surprised if they bloomed!

  18. Enjoying your garden once again. I am able to do some container gardening. Though I gave much away, I am able to put some pots out. So I get to really get into container gardening. Full time camping is not meant for gardening.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "Forrest-Dweller" Duvall
    The Handmade Homemaker
    The Bee's Knees

  19. Greetings from your neighbor in Kansas. Wow. Your garden is just full of blooms. I believe you have not had such a tough weather summer as we have in Kansas City. I love 'Teddy Bear' and the white flowering cypress vine. I saw a packet of seeds with pink, red and white cypress vine that looked full of promise.

  20. I"m behind in my blog reading and gardening too, so don't feel bad! You've got a lovely variety of blooms in your garden. How I envy you your cool weather. It's been so hot and dry here that I can't wait for fall to get here.

  21. Sorry Sue, but I think that squirrel is sooooo cuuututttteeee!:) Well, at least they're better looking than ants and snails...

    The debonair mums are my favorite...:)


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