Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Week's Critters

I am late to the party, but didn't want to miss this week, because I've seen some cool critters I wanted to post for Misty Dawn's Camera Critters.  The link to see more posts is in my sidebar.

Last Saturday, we met our grandson and daughter-in-law at the cemetery pond to feed the waterfowl.  I know I've posted about the place before, so I just included a few photos of that this time.

It was a beautiful morning, and the view from the bridge was so peaceful.

Here's an action shot of KJ throwing cut up corn tortillas to the birds.

When I looked to the other side of the bridge, I saw a huge frog.

Later in the day, I was amazed to see lots of doves on the wires, because the most I'd ever seen were 3.  I counted 14 at one point.  One or two would fly off, and a few more would land.  It was pretty cool.

Some of them were paying attention to what I was doing, others either didn't notice, or ignored me.

I took photos for GBBD on the 13th.  I also took some CC photos.  I'm not sure it this wasp is the same as the other black ones, because it has light colored bands on it.

This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail appears to be a female.  When they look like this, I'm not sure if it means they've been nipped at by a bird, if the weather has caused it, or if they are just getting old.

I don't see dragonflies or damselflies often, so I am excited when they are in the yard.  I thought I knew the difference between them, but I'm not sure on this one.  It's eyes are not touching each other, like my book says dragonfly eyes do.  Yet, the way it's holding its wings look like a dragonfly.  I have noticed there are spread wing damselflies, so I'm not sure.  Do you know?

I see the skipper has discovered the new blooms on this liatris.

This skipper discovered the newly blooming alium.

I'm not sure what this silver spotted skipper was doing on the morning glory leaves.

The next photos were taken the 15th, while I was taking foliage photos.

The abdomen on this swallowtail looks like those of Black Swallowtails in my book, but the wings look a little different.  I was glad to get a few photos, even though they were not focused well, because these don't stay still for long, and fly off after they notice me.

I love the details of the legs and antennae.

There were lots of birds in the street, and eating insects or worms out of the yards.

The squirrels were active, too.

I love the variety of insects sharing the goldenrod.

Here's a Silver Spotted Skiper on a butterfly bush.

This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail wanted to keep an eye on me, so everytime I moved, trying to get a photo of its back, it moved, too, so I'd see its underside.

It sure was a show off!

Finally, I got a photo of the spread wings from the back.

I've been seeing the White Lined Sphinx Moths a lot.

It's another mover that's hard to get photos of.

Look at how long the proboscis is!

And now, it's time for the caterpillars.  These are swallowtails of some kind.

How many do you see here?  (I see three.)

I see two in this one.

This is a different rue plant, and I see three on this one.  The one on the right is a younger one.

What a beauty!

The asters in the back yard started opening after the 15th, and this sulfur of some kind has discovered them.

The rough goldenrod is continuing to attract a number of insects.

Oh, and this skipper has also found the aster blooms.

I just spent over 2 hours doing this post.  I am so far behind in my blog reading, but need to go to sleep now.  Thanks to all those who leave comments on my posts.  I know there are some questions I haven't answered.  I still plan to.


  1. Hi Sue,

    So many wonderful photos of Butterflies, I can't believe the sheer number you have visiting.

    At this point in the year sadly our Butterflies are pretty much gone, hopefully they've found food elsewhere, but I have seen the odd few still around.

  2. Sue, you do an amazing job of capturing critters with your camera. I especially like the big, old frog photo.

    Nice picture of KJ feeding the ducks and swans. I like the contrast of his black clothes and the white swans.


  3. Hi Sue,
    Those are some great White Lined Sphinx Moths pictures. I know how hard it is to get a clear shot of those.

    I have never seen such a huge frog!

    You mentioned that the raggedy winged butterfly might just be old. I read recently that the life span of a butterfly is just 14 days! After all they go through to be born that seems incredible to me.

  4. Sue I like that view from the bridge too" it does look peaceful, I could see myself sitting there just daydreaming away..

    KJ is really going to enjoy looking back at all of those wonderful picture you took of him feeding the ducks, children grow up right before your eyes and he is going to cherish those special moments in the park with grandma.

    I really like the photos you caught of the white Sphinx moth, especially the one with it's tongue in the saliva.... fabulous!

  5. Wonderful series of critters photos. The caterpillars are some of my favorites.

  6. Sue,
    Loved the White Lined Sphinx photos! You got the damselfly right, that is a female spreadwing damselfly of some sort.

  7. What the heck was on the golden rod??? I love the pick of the bird on the power lines, the bird at the end picking his feathers!!

  8. Hi Sue. What great shots this week for Critters. I love the ones of the Sphinx moth. The swans are so pretty. I just do not know how they stay so white.

  9. Don't they call those Hummingbird moths too? Great critter shots this week. :)

  10. You got great pics here Sue. I really like the ones of the moth.

  11. Wow Sue, your sphinx moth photos are great. As always you have a wonderful variety of critters to show us. I'm way behind in visiting and reading blogs too. I've been so busy with my two jobs that I just haven't had time recently. I'm trying to catch up a bit now.

  12. Hi Sue, Can you believe how your yard and gardens have changed (enlarged, enlarged, enlarged) and grown so beautiful since you began blogging (and I began noticing!). :-) Your grandson is going to soon want a camera of his own!

  13. Wow, you captured so many critters. It looks like a wonderful peaceful day to just enjoy them all. The pond looks like fun for grandsons!

  14. I am always amazed at the wonder of God's have captured it well with your camera!
    It is nice to visit your blog again....I took a break from blogging this summer, so now I am trying to catch up with my gardening friends.

  15. What a wonderful group of photos, love your butterflies and caterpillars! The doves have been lining up on our lines also, but I have not seen as many as you have in your photos. Must be a banner year for the white lined sphinx moth as I have seen more this year than ever before and so many photos of them online.

  16. You have such awesome bio-diversity in your garden...I love it! I used to see Sphinx moths back when I lived in Nebraska, they really seemed to love the 4 O'Clocks...they are so beautiful and amazing! Great shots, you must have the patience of a saint!

  17. I enjoyed visiting your garden and seeing all the life in it. I especially liked your photo of your grandson feeding the ducks. My little granddaughter is a big duck fan too and loves an outing where she can see ducks.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. My parents grew up in Nebraska before moving west, and I was raised on the west coast. I'll be back to visit.


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