Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doing it up for September 2010 GBBD

I can't believe it's the middle of September!  I am so not ready for fall.  I've mentioned I didn't make it out as much as I like, partly because of my jaw, and partly because of other things going on.  Saturday, Larry and our grandson helped me dig potatoes after KJ picked lots of grape tomatoes.  That made me feel better going into a new week.

I took photos for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by Carol, of May Dreams Gardens, Monday after work while it was trying to rain.  It's a good thing I got done when I did, because we had quite the windy thunderstorm.  Our house was one of 25% of those in the city whose electricity went out.  It was out around an hour or so.  I was glad when it came back on, because I had been exporting my photos, and my  computer was down to 11% power.  LOL

Just a couple or 3 blooms on the lisianthus are opening at a time, but are adding much needed color to the new curb area.

The gomphrena took awhile to grow to a decent size.   I like it with the black eyed Susans.

The little sale rose in my new curb area has bloomed most of the season.

This is either 'Little Lemon' or another smaller goldenrod just beginning to bloom.  There are a couple sedums blooming in the background.

The threadleaf coreopsis has been blooming awhile.

Moving on to the more established part of the curb area, this goldenrod is another smaller variety.  The Jupiter's beard, to the right of the goldenrod, was big and bushy, and did well for a number of years, but needed to be cut back this summer due to some of the stems dying off.  There is a little green coming up, but I wonder if it will survive the winter.

I didn't realize some of the lavender was blooming again until I went out to take photos.

I can't decide which color of lisianthus I like better between the two I have.  

The pentas plants have lots of blooms.

I didn't realize a couple of the irises planted in the curb area are repeat bloomers.

The catmints have done fine this summer.

Rose moss:

I can't remember which blogger who told us one can plant autumn joy type sedums by sticking a stem into the ground.  I did that this spring, and this is one of the two plants I started.  It is blooming already.  Thanks, whoever gave us this information!

The perennial geraniums don't seem to have bloomed as much this summer.  A couple blooms are showing up, so maybe there will be more.

The next group was taken in the larger front bed.  The gauras have been full of blooms for a few weeks.

This agastache, either planted last year, or up from seeds from it, had some kind of mildew on the leaves early summer, but that sure didn't slow it down.

The nicotianas I planted here and there didn't get as tall as they usually do.

I'm not a big mum fan, but Larry is.  I just have this one kind, 'Debonair' that I like the color of.

The snap dragons live a few seasons in this bed.  I deadhead them, and they bloom all summer.

I'm thinking this salvia is a volunteer.  Originally, they got started by me placing seedheads around from a flower bed at church.

The 'Orange Perfection' phlox is on a second flush of blooms.

The rabbits ate the cypress vines down to the ground this spring, but they recovered, and are just starting to bloom.

The kiss me over the garden gate plants are not as tall as last year, but are getting taller and blooming at the same time.

I think they are one of my favorite annuals.  This beetle did not stay here for long.

Love lies bleeding is another favorite of mine.  This and the "kiss mes" are on the back of the bed.  I like them near each other like they are.

The clematis have a few more blooms.

Moving to the east side of the house, Mongolian Skies Skullcap has been blooming a few weeks.

Annual helenium:

The 'Pia' hydrangea is finished blooming, but is still looking pretty to me.  (It's back in the front yard bed.  I guess I had forgotten to take its picture.)

Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' is blooming again after being deadheaded.

The blue mist spirea usually only live a few seasons in my yard.  This one is doing well so far.

This helenium is blooming later than the others.  I don't mind.  It looks nice with the other blooms, and soon, the asters on the left will add color to the area.

The blue agastache needs to be deadheaded.

The veronica, 'Sunny Border Blue' has bloomed all summer with deadheading.  It needs to be done again.   The bees still visit them, though.

The false sunflowers are still blooming next to the amsonia.

I like the way this black eyed Susan vine is growing up the ladder.

It looks to me like one can deadhead autumn joy sedum, as this one, in the iris/daylily bed by the curb in front of the vegetable garden has new buds growing on it.

The boltonia in front of the vegetable garden puts on a great show, but doesn't have as long a bloom time as I'd like it to.

Rose, from Prairie Rose posted a photo of a plant like this recently.  I thought it was this, Eupatorium, 'Prairie Jewel', but the leaves in the photo didn't look variegated.  Well, the variegation on mine is faded now that it's blooming.  I think this is what she had.

The costmary is just blooming.

The phlox, 'David' have been blooming awhile.

The sweet peas on the garden fence have been blooming all summer, and since I thinned them way back, they did not get a disease on the leaves that they had had for the last couple of summers.

The pass along day lily had one last bloom before being finished for the season.

I'd never seen this while blooming cypress vine before.  I hope it reseeds like the red ones do.

The moonflower plant needs to be deadheaded again, but is still doing well.

The volunteer sunflower must be from the birdseeds rather than the decorative hybrids I've had the last few years.

The blue morning glories are on a mission to take over the deck, but I didn't get a photo of them because they are finished blooming by the time I get home from work.  These on the herb garden fence, were almost finished, but still colorful.

This may be 'Wichita Mountains' goldenrod just opening up in the back yard.

My sweet autumn clematis died over the winter or after being cut back this spring.  I had been noticing a volunteer clematis in my hosta bed on the north side of the house, and now see that it has a few blooms.  Is this sweet autumn?  It will have to be moved this spring.

Doing this post showed me that I still have lots blooming.  I didn't even show everything, because the rain sent me in, and I didn't go back out because I knew I already had taken too many photos.  I wonder what October will bring.


  1. Wow! You have an amazing collection of flowers, Sue! I envy your longer growing season...I think Nebraska has a month longer on either end of summer.

    You've inspired me to get out to our gardens and take some last minute photos!

  2. I was pretty much going to say exactly as Cheryl K.I was surprised at how much is in bloom. My garden is small and there is not a lot left. I have been pulling annuals to get the bed ready for bulbs, but even if I left them, so much is getting ready for the long winter sleep. You are lucky to have so much beauty left.

  3. Good heavens. It must have taken you hours to put this all together, Sue. Things look terrific, with lots of colour and bloomin' loveliness happening here. I think the first solidago ISN'T Little Lemon...the colour is too brassy and the flower heads too sprawling to be LL, which is more compact, with flat-topped flowerheads. I am loving it in its second year here, very cheery and paler yellow than some.

  4. Wow! You have so much going on still. I have tons of sunflowers too....of the volunteer type like you. I just pulled out a million sunflowers yesterday and then I hurt my back trying to pull out Nepeta... who knew the roots could be so stubborn?

    I love how Sedum grows so easily. I wish everything were that way sometimes.

  5. Hello,
    Great collection of flowers and I like very much your pentas, it's beautiful.

  6. You have a ton of stuff going on still...great job planning for the season! I love your Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, that is such a wonderful, old-fashioned plant that I wished more people used, it's so romantic. Your Amsonia is so full and lush, can't wait to see it's fall color! The Caryopteris and Helenium combo is wonderful, I bet it'll look amazing once the Asters kick in.

  7. You do have lots blooming and it's all gorgeous. Mystery solved? I have your top plant, gomphrena, at least I think so. Looks a lot like a pincushion flower? I've never known the name but it does very well up here in the mountains.

    Love Lies Bleeding was a fave of mine when I lived in MN but it won't grow out here. I miss it.

    Happy bloom day!

  8. We've got to be grateful for small mercies this time of year. Makes one think of what has gone over, until we start looking forward to what is coming again.
    I liked seeing your crossroads. And that Sedum tip is worth trying.

  9. aloha,

    i love what you have presented to us this september, your garden is filled with amazing flowers wow, i love that first lisianthus, a beautiful color combination :)

  10. I love your lisianthus. And I think both colors you have are equally lovely. If I were in your place, I also would be having a hard time deciding between the two.

  11. Lots of bloom indeed~It's all so lovely, too. I have the agastache you've shown~with that unusual color and thread like leaves~I love it and hope it can survive the winter. Happy Bloom Day to you Sue~gail

  12. It might have been me you were thinking of with the Sedum, as that's how I propagated 'Matrona.' I agree with Jodi that the first goldenrod doesn't look like Little Lemon. The first Lisanthus is just gorgeous! Wish I could grow that. It amazes me how the sweet peas bloom all summer in your garden. Just wonderful.

  13. Funny I'm having jaw problems too and recovering from a fall and disappointment a month ago- but where does the summer go this year?It's my birthday again that can't be right."A garden makes sure you always have something to worry about or love"Pam Brown I miss sweet peas. My garden just friend this summer although a lot is blooming - nothing

  14. Your garden is still going strong. I still love those lisianthus. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ohmygosh, you have a lot still blooming in the garden. My lavender is also reblooming, which was a surprise.

  16. Sue, so sorry about your jaw.. Feel better soon.

    I enjoyed the garden tour. My favorite once again, is that dainty pretty pink Lisianthus.

    I didn't know that Rabbits liked cypress vines I'm so glad that they didn't do permanent damage.

    My garden has slowed down, but the Cactus flowers along with a few sedums are still blooming.

    Have a good one ..Vetsy

  17. Wow, loved the walk about your yard! You have flowers everywhere, every color, and all different types. It is so interesting to see them all!
    Glad you didn't lose power for too long. That gets old after a couple votives burn down to nothing, and the laptop battery runs out.


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