Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foliage Follow-up

I actually have more foliage than blooms right now, but am not going overboard for Pam's Foliage Follow-up, like I did with my GBBD post. 

The perennial geraniums are still looking pretty good.

I love the color of this one, but it doesn't show up from a distance as well as the green ones.

The milkweed foliage is looking better than I wish it would.  I wish it was being eaten by monarch caterpillars.  There are a few chewed leaves, though.

I've shown this perennial sweet potato vine of some kind before.  We were told it was an annual when we bought it around 10 years ago. It sure covers the front light!

At first, we had a yellow blooming non climbing clematis growing with it, but it ended up dying a few years ago.  This plant was Larry's choice, and the clematis was mine, because I liked flowers better than foliage.  It has grown on me, though.  The foliage is kind of cool, and insects don't seem to chew holes in it.

I still like the foliage on the Octopus Bellflowers, even though I pull it out at the edges so it can't take over the whole flower bed.


The Euphorbia, 'Bonfire' from last year is doing fine, but the one I planted in the same bed this year died.

Usually, the limonium keeps its blooms, even after they dry, but this year, they came off on their own.  The foliage is looking pretty good.  The rue next to it has some swallowtail caterpillars on it.  I'll show them in Saturday's post.

The Chocolate Joe Pye Weed will be blooming soon.

I am including a few wider shots to show all the foliage filling up spaces where flowers are not currently blooming.  Some are finished for the season, others haven't bloomed yet.

This is from the bed in front of the house.  The hellebores haven't had as much water as they'd prefer, but they are hanging on.  I'm not sure if there is hail or slug damage, but think it's probably the latter.

Here are a couple basils overpowering some chives next to ornamental sweet potato vines.

I like the foliage on the sage.  I still plan on doing a taste test on these ornamental sweet potatoes.

I got these basil plants from the farmer's market.  I told them I couldn't remember what they were, but I want to grow them again, because they are slow to start blooming.  The gal said they must be Genovese Basil plants.  I only got one batch of pistou made from them, but hope to get another one done soon.  Pistou is French.  You are supposed to hand crush basil, garlic, and olive oil, but I use a blender.  We have nut allergies, so that's why I don't make pesto much.

The mother of millions is very pregnant.

I think this is the yellow blooming kalanchoe that was in a teeny pot when I bought it.  It sure is looking good.

Larry's rabbit foot fern is doing well.  That's morning glory foliage in the background.

The variegated false sunflower is not looking so variegated right now.  Something is eating on it, too.

The colius has looked awesome all summer, and has only had a few bloom stalks to cut off.  I didn't notice when it started to get leggy.

I hope to get some cuttings and try to root and pot them to bring inside for the winter.  I've never done that before.

I'm not sure if I ever knew the name of this plant.  I may have gotten it at a garage sale.  I just noticed it is blooming.

I took longer getting this done than I planned to.  I had a goal of visiting 50 GBBD posts before I go to bed, but don't think I'm going to make that. 


  1. I just love your mother of millions. I have never seen that before.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and lush and green. I especially like the red leaves towards the bottom. It looks really good.

    I have some white spots on my melon/squash/pumpkin plant, so I need to do some research and find out if something is wrong with it.

    Maybe as soon as I figure it out, mine can look as green as yours.

  3. Your coleus in the copper pot is like mine, which I think you comment on my blog to that effect. Both are growing right out of the pot. It has been a great year for coleus and foliage in general. I have had vines going crazy, but not necessarily blooming. Your clematis seemed to have the same problem.

  4. Sue, What do you think of Euphorbia? I'm wondering if I've ever seen the plant "in person!" Catalogs show beautiful foliage, but I wonder about its growing habits.

  5. So many cool things to look at in this post. I'll have to check out the ornamental potato vine and the close-ups of your coleus are making me want more of them. Good post.

  6. Your garden looks so beautiful for September, Sue, from all the blooms on yesterday's post to the fantastic foliage today. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to show my sweet potato vines because they're full of holes from some kind of tiny caterpillar, but yours look so healthy. Thanks for the info on the wildflower I showed; I'll check out the eupatorium in my book.

    Love the new header photo--a grandson always makes a picture look better:)

  7. My goodness you have a lot of plants! I just viewed your foliage and flowers and you are amazing. I've always wanted a Cypress vine and there ya have one! Aren't they fantastic? Everything looks terrific in your garden.
    Happy Growing from down south.
    David/ Tropical Texana/Houston 94 degrees again!

  8. I like that you showcased your herbs for Foliage Follow-Up. Many of them do have lovely foliage, and they taste good too.

  9. you've captured every nuance of what makes foliage gorgeous

    He who plantsa garden plants happiness. --chinese proverb

  10. Hi Sue, Am I mistaken or did I get an email from Blot saying you're having a birthday? Before I get over there to check I thought I'd log onto your blog and say hi and best wishes.

    I love that vine you showed. If only we knew its identity. Wait. I don't need another vine but ooh it's a beaut! Love the coleus in the rusty pots.

  11. Dear Sue, I love your chocolate Joe Pye Weed, and of course the coleus is stunning. There is still so much to look at and admire in your garden. Love, Pam x


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