Monday, April 26, 2010

The Latest Thing I said to my Plants

Do you talk to your plants?  I have become more aware of the fact I do.  I recently talked to some perennial vinca at work that was just planted last fall, saying how proud I was that it's blooming already.  Some folks who heard it thought it was funny.  If no one had heard me, I probably would not have thought anything of it.

Here's a photo of a few seedlings that were sown by last year's verbena bonariensis plants.  I thought I'd share the last thing that came out of my mouth when I discovered them.   I said, "Welcome to the party!  Do you have some friends that are on their way?"  I'm sure they do.  I usually have to pull some of them up or give some away so they and other plants in the area have room to grow.  They do stay pulled, so are not invasive.  They are actually perennials in warmer zones.  Once in awhile, I've had one live over a winter.

Here's an August 2009 photo of one of the plants that I let grow in the veggie garden near some cucumbers.

Verbena bonariensis grows well in a full or cottage garden, because it is tall and wispy, and doesn't take over the space belonging to other plants.  It can also be trimmed if you want to limit where it goes. 

The main thing I love is that butterflies feed on the blooms.  These 2 photos were taken last September.

This is a skipper of some kind, that I probably have posted before.

I may have shown this Painted Lady, too.  I am so excited for a new season, and hope to see more butterflies than last year.

I know I have said other things to a variety of plants, and have told my new bed how tickled I am that everything is up and doing so well.  What have you said to your plants or gardens lately?


  1. Sue, You have the best butterflies! Yes, I talk to my plants all the time. Today, I said to my obedient plant, "You are NOT being OBEDIENT," when I saw it had spread into the black-eyed-Susan. Pam

  2. I talk to my plants too. Thanks for identifying something I've found popping up here and there. I had forgotten about scattering those seeds in the fall. I've only found a couple so far, but that's really all I need the first year.

  3. Of COURSE I talk to my plants. And sing to them, too. Often I'm telling them, "Grow, Dammit" but right now it's more a case of "slow down, you move too fast..."

  4. I don't think I talk to my plants, but I *do* talk to myself. "Oh what the heck is that WEED doing there?" and "Isn't that thing ever going to bloom?"

  5. Great shots Sue! Oh, and yes, I do talk in the garden but not to my plants so much as to the slugs and blackberries and, it's generally not the sort of thing I want others to overhear.

  6. I don't know how often people subscribe to follow up comments. I usually do, unless I know there will be lots, and I haven't asked a question. Sometimes I actually read them, and sometimes I only read what the original poster has come back to say. I used to drop the follow-ups after the original poster answered, but have taken to just letting them run themselves out. Then, every once in awhile, someone will find the post and leave a comment. It's kind of fun to read those.

    I have noticed, that like me, some bloggers have gotten so they don't try to keep up with writing comments back to each person who commented on a post. I like it when others do, and I used to, but I have trouble keeping up with things on and offline.

    Hey, I should be writing a post on this instead of putting it here. Anyway, since only 5 people commented here, I am going to make a comment on each comment. First, I need to take a break from my lunch to go get a book from the media center, then I'll be back to write. :o)

  7. Pam,
    I had to laugh when I read about you telling obedient plants they are not obedient. I believe I've told some in a flower bed at church that. I won't let them grow here, except I have some white ones that don't try to take over.

    I'm glad the post helped you figure out what those seedlings were. Yesterday, I found a whole bunch of smaller seedlings coming up in the veggie garden. You will most likely find more, too.

    I'm trying to remember if I've sung to my plants. I used to sing to the cows on my 2 uncles' farm in Iowa when I was a girl. I know what you mean by, "slow down". The hyacinths, crocus and most of the daffodils are finished blooming already. The weeds are loving the rain.

    I do some talking to myself out there, too. For that matter, I think aloud a lot whether I'm inside or out.

    I bet you talk to plants, too. Maybe you just don't notice yourself. Do you put slugs in the birdbath for the birds to find and eat like I do?

    If you get a chance, leave another comment to let me know if you subscribed to the follow up comments.

  8. I absolutely talk to my plants! Well, perhaps yell at my weeds is a more accurate description :)

    Glad my comment made you chuckle! I love your garden- my dream is to settle down long enough to have a well-established space. So far I've had three different gardens over three different years! Frustrating- but it keeps me on my toes!

  9. I talk to my plants, yes, especially when encouraging them to grow. I once showed my struggling purple smokebush a photo of a big healthy smokebush as inspiration (i am not kidding) and I think it worked! ;-)


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