Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kale Bud Salad

Normally, we are in the full swing of picking lettuce by now, but so far, I've just had a few thinnings.  It was a bit wet to thin today, so I picked some kale leaves and flower buds, which I discovered taste good while grazing in the garden.  My eyes landed on some violet leaves and blooms, and I thought they would go well with the kale.  Then, when I glanced into my herb garden, I saw the salad burnett, which I frequently forget to use in the spring, when it's at its best.  I added some of those leaves to my harvest, and had myself a yummy nutritious salad, with Brianna's Home Style blue cheese dressing.  I splurge on that brand because it has healthy oils in it, and no soy, which our daughter is allergic to.  I also thinned some dill that is coming up quite thick, to put on our fish.

Of course, I had to take some photos.  It's exciting to be eating from the garden!

I hope you are getting some outside time in!   I am hoping for some warmer temps soon.


  1. Sue,
    We have a bunch of kale starting to flower. So I'll add them to our salad tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.!

  2. That's one pretty salad! ;) How early do you plant your lettuce? I am wondering if I didn't get an early enough start on mine this year - they are still teensy! This is my first time growing lettuce, I'm excited, I wanna make salad too! LOL*


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