Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Even More Snow!

I put my first measurable snow post up the middle of December, and just remembered to give Nancy, at Soliloquy the link for her First Snowfall Project. I have seen some of the posts, and since I have tomorrow off again due to the weather, I may get a chance to look up some more.

I have actually posted several times about all the snow we're having. It's really making it difficult for our daughter to get all her things over to her new apartment. She's sleeping on air mattresses. She is not comfortable, but she's warm. Her other place was cold because she couldn't afford the gas bill. We need to get the rest of her things over so she can get her name off of the gas.

I have already shown a lot of the views in the snow, but posted the repeats because the piles of snow are getting higher and higher. The first 2 were taken January 3rd, and the rest, this afternoon. Some were taken through windows, and others from an open door. I used my zoom, and did not go outside to take them. It is cold!

Speaking of cold, I recently left a comment on Darla's or someone from the south's blog about how I do not like living where it gets so cold in the winter, yet I think it would be more difficult to live in a place where people garden or farm year around, and experience freezing temps that destroy crops and blooms. My heart goes out to those of you going through nights with unseasonable low temps. I hope your loss is minimal.

We added a few more inches today, enough to bury the top of the chair that was still visible in the above photo.

I can't remember what's in the pots, but in front of the wheelbarrow, which I wish we would have found an inside spot for, is a beauty berry bush I just planted last spring.

Liatris, and 'Fireworks' goldenrod:

The tops of the mums are just poking through the top of the snow.

This is Queen Anne's lace poking through.

The trees across the street, on the left side of this photo, look pretty in snow. The rosemary plants are all alive so far. The parsley is looking pretty good. I didn't notice the clover until I saw it in the photo. I was going to save the African violets for GBBD, but I'll just hope they are more filled out, and I'll take different photos for the 15th. :o)

Here's a larger view of the trees. I garden to the left of the garage across the street.

The scented geraniums are getting a bit leggy. I trimmed them back a few weeks ago. It looks like I need to again. This is the top of the garden window with snow on it.

I have noticed the days getting a bit longer. I keep reminding myself it's January, and next month is February, then comes March, then... I just wonder when the snow will melt so I can get my lettuce planted. I like to put the first crop in in February. Maybe it will be on top of snow this time. Keep your spirits up and find a way to keep warm! If you are experiencing nice weather, I forgive you. LOL

I just remembered to add a photo from my parents' place, where the snow from the parking areas is quite high all up and down the street.


  1. Hi Sue~~ Brrr... I'm not sure how I would handle so much snow. It really must be hard for Darla and the other Floridians.

    I laughed at your humorous reply on my blog. If you're still not sure about the name, let me know. That is if you were really serious. The best humor leaves you wondering.

  2. You poor thing - your snowy yard looks like mine did last year, when we topped 6 feet by the end. This year has been very unsnowy, with lots of rain. And we haven't had any days where the high temp is -1 F!! I hope you have a snowblower or a hubby with a strong back.

  3. Ouch, but Wow! Ouch for a cold and snow, Wow for some great snowy images.

  4. Good Gravy!! That's some snow fall!! It is pretty, still. It is hard for the produce farmers when we experience temps this cold for this long...expect a price increase at the supermarkert! I am little saddened by the freeze over the garden, excited as well to see just what plants will return come spring!!

  5. You look buried there!

    I lived in PA for 3 years, which isn't as cold as Nebraska, and I couldn't wait to move back to NC.

  6. it is cold everywhere..just glad we don't have the snow on top of the cold....pretty photos...

  7. F-f-f-freeezing here in Florida too, but not compared to you. I get SUCH a kick out of your snow photos and always leave them up to show the DH and kids.

  8. Wow - it gets COLD where you are!!! We live on lake keeps us warmer than everyone else in the winter, and colder than everyone else in the summer! It also gives us snow up to our waist each January or February!!! I don't think I've ever seen it go lower than 3 or maybe 5 below. But it's been years since I've seen that, not since I was a kid.

  9. Wow, you have a lot more snow than we have! The snow certainly creates some beautiful photos, but I prefer the snow from the comfort of the living room window or here on my computer monitor:) We had a couple inches last night with more forecast for today with high winds. Schools closed today and a good chance they will be tomorrow as well. This is our first real problem snow of the season. My husband is working long nights driving a snowplow.

    Hope things get cleared up soon so your daughter can finish moving in; I know it must be frustrating for her. My older daughter had to sleep on an air mattress for two weeks when she moved to Arizona because the moving van was late getting there. Not too bad for a few days, but a nice soft bed is so much better!

    Your rosemary is looking good! I've been so happy I brought mine in this year, too--it may be the only thing I have for the Jan. Bloom Day:)

  10. You are so right! The days are getting longer and spring is near. Hang tough.

  11. Hi Sue....lovely photographs showing your surrounding area. We are having a lot of snow here, unusual for south east UK.

    I keep remaining positive and like you, have noticed the days are getting just a little bit longer.....roll on March eh??

  12. wonderful photos of the snow - its not often I can say that the UK has plenty of snow to match some northern gardens on your continent - but we have for once. I hope you didn't leave anything important out in your back yard as you might not find it for a few weeks!

  13. Wow, We down here in the South would not know what to do with that much snow! I do recall good depth snow falls in the 1960-70's when I grew up in TN but they see nothing like this these days. Here in the Deep South of Georgia we dont see anything but flurries occasionaly. Sweet of you to think of the frozen plants of the warmer climates when you are snowed in :-)

  14. So far we in the Northwest have been skirting the snow. There is still time of course but I am being lulled into thoughts of an early spring. I know--Fool. heheh
    You have some amazingly beautiful winter shots here Sue. They are so perfectly forlorn and melancholy. I do hope your daughter gets some heat soon. Looks like this is one of those reluctant character builders she is enduring. She is fortunate to have you looking out for her.
    Thank you for your forgiveness. LOL It is currently sunny, dry and in comparison to you quite balmy. I will think of you while I'm out there. ;-)
    Take care of yourself on that ice Miss Sue.

  15. you are fortunate to have internet. I love the contrasts and visualising what it will be - loving that lady with sprinkler.Where is Heidi??

  16. I really enjoy looking at photos of snow. Probably, since it is a rare occurrence here. I love your pictures of the tops of your plants peeking out from the snow.


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