Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March's Wildflower Wednesday

I'm glad Gail, from Clay and Limestone reminded us on Facebook that it is time for another Wildflower Wednesday.  There is not a lot blooming here in SE Nebraska yet, but spring is early, and there are lots of plants coming up.  I have two photos of each of the wildflowers I am posting, one closer up than the other.

This is a milkvetch of some kind.  I believe it's groundplum milkvetch.

I just planted these by the curb last year.  I am pleased to see them coming up and blooming.

Prairie smoke geum is one of my favorites.

I didn't figure out right away that some pasqueflowers are not native, so did get some in that are not.  I cannot always remember which are which.  These blooms look deeper purple than the ones on the link, but I was thinking these are native ones.

It sure is a beautiful plant, whichever it is!

I need to get more Hepaticas to fill up some spots that are bare before the big plants take up the space.  These go dormant.  It looks like they are past their prime, but still brighten up the space they are in.

Virginia waterleaf does not bloom until later in the season, but the foliage looks as pretty as the blooms, so I decided to include it.

The western and middle of our state are expecting measurable snow today, and they say we could get a trace to an inch.  Let's get it over with now, and let spring weather come back to stay.  I hope things are well with your gardens and families.  There is so much sadness in the world these days.


  1. Prairie smoke is a plant I can only enjoy on blogs. Such an enchanting plant!

  2. That pasqueflower sure caught my eye--it's so pretty, native or not!

    We're in line for over a foot of snow. I'm very very tired of winter and wish it would go somewhere else!
    Have a good day in the garden

  3. Hi Sue, You have a lot coming up in the garden! I love Vetch....I've always been fascinated with it growing in the wild. Yours, I'm sure, is much tamer and very beautiful. I love your Pasqueflowers as well. We had 4" of snow this past Monday....hopefuflly, this is the end of it!

  4. Oh, these are all favorites! Some of these will be blooming here soon--thanks for the prequel!

  5. Hi Sue. What sweet little blooms you have coming up.

  6. I love pasqueflower and wish I could grow it here. I don't think I've seen Va. waterleaf before. The foliage is lovely.

  7. Yes, the world is quite sad right now. I sure hope things will turn for the better as spring makes its way to my corner of the world.

  8. Those Pasque flowers are just lovely! So delicate. Spring is surely on its way!


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