Monday, June 15, 2015

Bloom Day

I haven't been posting a lot, and have not submitted a post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens for quite awhile.  I decided to participate this month with some blooms from the front yard.  Here's the view from the porch.

Stepping down, we see the allium of some kind blooming.  I am bad about remembering the exact names of some of the plants.  I have seen some small insects on these blooms.

 This isn't the best photo of the wild quinine, but I included it because of the red admiral butterfly, which I did not see until I looked at the photo.

Here's a closer view of the wild quinine, with an insect I see on it a lot.

I have several clumps of purple prairie clover, some native, and some, 'Stephanie'.  This plant is blooming first.  I think it's 'Stephanie'.

This is either tall or purple meadow rue.  We've had lots of rain this spring, with the wettest May on record.  Many plants are taller than usual.  I am not sure if these are, but they are quite tall, about 6 or 7 feet.  I had to tie them up so they wouldn't fall over.

Echinacea paradoxa and echinacea pallida

I think that's New Jersey tea toward the back on the left, with lead plant and pink primrose.

I am not thinking of the cultivar name of this sneezeweed.

Poppy mallow does well, even in the curb area.  I clipped back the growth that was going into the street.

The butterfly milkweeds and catmints are blooming.

Emily, a local member of a Facebook group I administer called Gardening with Nature in Mind posted a photo of this with the name, which I appreciated, because I had forgotten what it is, and sure do like it.  I believe this is the first year for this Penstemon cobea x P. triflorus to bloom.  It's still pretty, even when almost finished blooming.

The foxglove penstemons are almost finished blooming as well.  I have been seeing small, fast flying bees on them, but have had trouble catching them with the camera.

I am tickled that the white wild indigo is blooming for the first time, after 3 or 4 years in this spot.

I don't remember whether I planted this fleabane, or if it is a volunteer, but I like the spot it's in.

I am needing to tie up the lanceleaf coreopsis this year.  I don't remember if I've had to before, but this is only the second or third year I've grown them.  I see bees on them as well.

I believe this is bushy bluebell clematis.

The foxglove is almost finished blooming.  I wish it had a longer bloom time, but it sure has done well each year. It's been in this spot quite awhile, maybe 6 years.

I am sad that the golden alexanders have some kind of disease on their leaves.  I cut most of them back today, hoping new leaves will grow.  They are one of my favorite spring bloomers, and are visited by a nice variety of insects.

Here's a photo of one that I cut back.  I tried to look up what the problem may be, and wonder if it's leaf spot.  What do you think?

 It's been a frustrating garden season for me.  There have been more bunnies than usual, and they are eating all kinds of things they do not normally eat.  I wish they would not eat things clear to the ground!  I am caging more plants than usual, but do not have enough cages and fencing for everything.

With all the rain we've had, I haven't been able to get into the garden as much as I need to.  The weeds are really taking advantage of the moisture and are quite healthy.  I have managed to keep them from strangling the vegetables and flowers, though.  Also, we have not had many days without rain that have been in the 70s.  I have been quite wimpy in the heat this season, more so than in the past.  Mondays are the only days I have all day to garden if the weather cooperates.  (I am writing this Sunday evening.  There is a storm going on out there now, and it looks like we're supposed to get more tomorrow.)  Maybe I'll put a rain coat on and pull some weeds that I can get to without stepping into a flower bed.  Maybe I'll be visiting your gardens to see what you have blooming. 


  1. It is always a treat to see what is growing/blooming in your gardens dear Sue.

    Hope you and yours are doing well.

    We could use some rain down here, it is hot, sunny and humid.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I have a penstemon that looks similar to yours, which Gail gave me and I can never remember the name of it either. Always a treat to see what is blooming in your garden, Sue. I planted a few new natives this spring that I don't expect will bloom this season, so it's always helpful to see your plants as they grow, so I have a clue what some of mine might be. I share your frustration this spring from the bunnies to the constant rains lately. I've also been helping out my mother more, so the weeds may take over if I don't find more time to get in the garden. Hoping for some sunny days in the low 70's for both of us!

  3. Hi Sue! I love your corner garden that feeds so many great pollinators. It's so pretty too. Don't you wish everyone had a front yard garden instead of simply a carpet of grass? I like grass, but flowers are so pretty and help the butterflies, flower flies and bees. Thank you for posting. I've been rather bad too.~~Dee

  4. I just love the variety of flowers you have. So many that attract beneficials to the garden. Enjoy!

  5. So much rain I can't get in the garden to weed either. And you have so much growing and blooming. That is to bad about the Zizea's leaves....hopefully they will bounce back...I love these too! I let my lawn go to clover and the rabbits now stay out of the garden for the most part...

  6. I am a lapsed blogger and GBBD participant as well, so don't feel alone. I love the lushness that your garden is showing right now.

  7. What a pretty garden you have--so full and colorful. You also grow many things that are in my garden in Austin, though, you definitely have some things I couldn't grow. Good luck with the weeding, it's a never-ending chore.

  8. Beautiful!
    Lovely to see the butterfly milkweed
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  9. Hi Sue: This is about the time of year when I just love to visit your blog. You're a little bit ahead of me, so it's fun to compare notes. All your native prairie plants really shine during this time of year. I share your frustration with the bunnies. They're even eating things in my garden that I didn't think they would like--such as False Asters (Boltonia asteroides). It's so frustrating!

  10. There's always so much going on in your native garden! I've rarely heard of many of the plants you grow. But they are all so beautiful!

  11. What a gorgeous garden you've created! So wild and beautiful it seems like a mountain meadow. You must have lots of happy bees!

  12. Hi Sue, I wish you could send us some of the rain.....we are very dry. You have so many wonderful plants! I love all the different Echinachea and I am thinking I will try some Poppy Mallow....they are so pretty. Your spring is always a little ahead of Butterfly weed will probably bloom a week or so after spite of your weather difficulties everything is beautiful! Happy Gardening!


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