Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday

The day is almost over, but I want to join in, and have had my photos ready since yesterday for Gail's Wildflower Wednesday.  I saw that Gail did her post on Black-eyed Susans, and she included a number of photos of insects, like I like to do.

This is Tall coreopsis, not quite native here, but is in near by areas.  It likes shade and moisture.  I have one clump of it, and it is on the east side of the house.  It does not get a whole lot of watering, but the area probably does not dry out as much as more exposed parts of the yard.  This is the second year for it, and I have seen a number of insects on it.  I'm pretty sure this is a Hoverfly.

I am pleased to have a number of Pitcher sage plants, 'Nekan', which are locally native.  Now that a number of summer bloomers are starting to form seeds, these are coming into their own.  It's a good thing, too, because most of the other blooms in our yard are yellow.

The Prairie dock plant is blooming now that the Cup plant is almost finished.  The blooms are very similar, and both are frequented by the pollinators.  Can you see two in this photo?

This is my second year growing Sweet black-eyed susans.  I sure like them!  I have seen a number of bees on them, but this time, it's a Soldier beetle.

We have Brown-eyed susans, smaller blooms than the Black-eyed ones, and very prolific self sowers.  I have to give some away and still pull some out each year.  They are nice for color this time of year, though, and are frequented by a number of insects.  Can you see the one in the photo?

Here's a closer view.  If you can identify any of the insects in these photos, please let me know.  This one was about half an inch long if I am remembering correctly.

This Painted lady butterfly was originally on the Helen's flowers mingled with the Brown-eyed susans.

Back to the Tall coreopsis, I am thinking this may be a Long-horned bee.

I'm not sure what this tiny creature is, but I like the details of the Tall coreopsis bloom.

Oh, wait, maybe this is the Long-horned bee.

This photo was taken later in the day.  I was excited to see a monarch on the Prairie dock bloom.

I had also seen a Monarch on some Rigid goldenrod, but it didn't stay around for a photo.  I decided to take a photo of the Blister beetle, and just noticed another Soldier beetle as well.  I just read that it is a heavy self sower, and needs competition.  I guess I have had some self sowing, but not too much so far.  I need to plant some things closer to mine, and maybe move a couple that get too tall for the space they are in, and tend to flop over.  They are just now opening their buds, so they extend the blooming season when a number of plants are finishing up.

There are still things going on that prevent me from getting into the garden to work, but I have found time to take photos or even take our granddaughter, who I am providing childcare for outside to observe the insect activity and blooms.  A Facebook friend sweetly pointed out that observing and enjoying what you see is also gardening.  Next week, I should be able to get more accomplished.  I am thankful for the rain we've been having.  Like I seem to say each time, too, I hope to spend a little less time on FB and get more blogs visited.  I can't believe it is almost September!  I hope all is well with you.


  1. Looks like your blooms are enjoying all kinds of visitors!
    Hope you get some garden time in soon.....though I do agree with your facebook friend--just "being" in the garden is part of the joys of gardening. Have a wonderful week

    1. Sue, I see you still have your comments turned off. I am in awe of your vegetable and fruit production and getting them frozen! I don't get near the yields you do. I planted lots of carrots, too, but the rabbits across the street where I had them ate most of the tops off, and I only got a few.

  2. All IS well here in NE Indiana..... I'm inundated with brown-eyed or black-eyed Susans also. (I haven't taken the time to figure out which I have....just know that they're prolific and cheerful!)

  3. What a wonderful array of critters! Your blooms are still going strong, even at the end of summer. I hope you'll come share this beautiful outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop! Enjoy that grandbaby.

  4. Sue, you have awesome gardens. The colorful flowers that grow there are second to none. Your pictures of the insects visiting the blooming flowers are amazing. I haven't quite integrated flowers into my vegetable gardens yet but just the draw for the pollinators would be worth the effort. I have one fairly large flower bed border built for next year. Now all I have to do is get it filled with good soil It was built in raised bed fashion with left over retaining wall blocks from another project for a friend. I haven't decided just what I'll be planting there yet. The possibilities are mind boggling. So many variables and choices to consider with flowers. Maybe it's the reason I have a tendency to shy away from flowers. Designing a good looking flower bed will challenge my garden abilities, that's for sure.

    Have a great day of enjoying the flower gardens.

  5. Love your tall coreopsis and goldenrod. Your various rudbeckias are lovely too - I also have lots of them and they, along with annuals and mums, are the stars in the gardens right now. I haven't been able to do much gardening lately and the weeds are having a heyday! First it was vacation, then weather (very hot followed by rain, rain, rain). No drought this summer, as we had the past two summers. I hope to get back into the gardens this wknd.
    Enjoy that sweet little grandbaby! ~Beth

  6. You have some sweet wildflowers...I especially love Susans and even made a whole vase from the many varieties I have...keep on gardening...observing my garden is all I have been able to do for helps to see what is going on.

  7. You always seem to have Monarchs visiting, Sue--a great endorsement for all the natives you have! I've been happy to see a couple natives that I planted a year ago finally come into bloom this year, but I haven't seen a sign of the Tall Coreopsis I planted as well. Shade and moisture--well, no wonder mine didn't like its sunny, dry spot! I do have the Brown-eyed Susans, too, courtesy of the birds, I think. It's spreading to other areas of the garden, but I do love these bright yellow blooms this time of year. And I must add Pitcher plant to my plant wish list--I keep forgetting this! Spending time with your granddaughter is more important than weeding or dividing plants--she's going to appreciate all the nature lessons you're giving her one day.

  8. This is that bright and vibrant orange/yellow bright bloom time of year. I'm seeing Susans, Sunflowers, Prairie Dock, and Goldenrods blooming around town and out in the country. The landscape is lovely. Your blooms are beautiful, Sue!

  9. Your wildflowers are divine like usual, I like the insects added in too. I wish the Susans did well for me, with my hot dry summers. The little bee in frames 5 and 6, if she had a green head and thorax, could be a sweat bee, I discovered them this summer in my garden for the first time.

  10. Your garden and photos always bring a smile to my face. I can't believe how many different types of plants you've been able to grow without your garden looking either too full or overwhelming! The details on the tall coreopsis blooms are particularly delicious this time. Cynthia

  11. Hi Sue, I love the brown eyed susans! They may go on my wish list. Your garden is beautiful regardless of how much or how little you've been able to care for it. Years of love and it's holding it's own! Can you send some of your rain our way? Happy Gardening!

  12. I love your photos of insects. I too enjoy seeing insects enjoying the blooms out in the garden and get photos whenever I can. I really like those brown-eyed susans. I wonder how they would do down here. Love the little love heart detail on the coreosis bloom - how sweet :-)

  13. You've had some great visitors to your garden, I love the photo of the Monarch. The brown-eyed susans are so cheerful.

  14. I love seeing all the "visitors" in your yard, just like I do here. Just today, I finally captured a monarch with my camera!

  15. Hi Sue, It's good to hear from you! We had a good rain one night last week but that's it.....I think we frequently get weather coming from your neck of the woods.....perhaps the storms dried up before they got here! Did you see The Farmers Almanac prediction for this winter:( ?


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