Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday

As I frequently do, I am putting together a post for Gail's Wildflower Wednesday the evening of.  Gail normally highlights one or a few each time rather than posting a whole bunch, like I normally do.  There are no rules, but I just decided to keep mine shorter than usual. 

Spring is in full swing here in SE Nebraska.  It is a thrill going out each day to see how much things have grown, and what is blooming.  Today, some of the Foxglove penstemons have opened their buds.

I just planted these last year, and this is the first time I'm seeing the blooms.  I have some of these in other parts of the yard, as well.  It will be awesome when all of the flowers are open!

This Shell leaf penstemon was in my front porch post.  Here's a closer view.

Even closer:

This is another one with lighter colored blooms. 

This cultivar I don't remember the name of was in the last post, too.  The Purple milkweed next to it is in bud.

It is a nice looking plant!

I hope all is well with you, and you are enjoying some wildflowers along with the critters in your area.  Here are some links that talk about penstemons and the conditions they prefer. Here, they get some afternoon shade.,,


  1. Such a pretty plant--the photos are great. I have a similar penstemon that actually came from Gail, but I don't remember what it's called. I don't have much luck with foxgloves, but these penstemons are happy here! I've been wanting to ask, Sue, since I saw this photo somewhere on your Facebook page, too--are the yellow flowers in the background photo here Golden Alexanders? I haven't seen a sign of all the seed I scattered last fall--darn!

  2. Sue, it is nice indeed to finally see the blooms of Spring and Summer here in Nebraska, isn't it. I wondered at times this Spring if I would ever see it. We had a late frost here on the Western shore of the Missouri river front and killed all my bell peppers and tomato plants. It was two days after the frost free date for this area. I had to scour the home improvement and local nurseries here to find replacements. The two cherry tomatoes were so thankful to finally get a home that one week later they started blooming. So once again life is good in the garden.

    Have a great wildflower day.

  3. Sue, you always have such interesting posts, especially about your wildflowers. I thought last year in May I'd found a wild Penstemon at woods edge. After much conferring with Stone who Gardens in Sand in middle GA, we ruled out Penstemon and any kind of wild Petunia. Turned out to be Dyschoriste oblongifolia, Oblongleaf Snakeherb or Pineland Twinflower. I haven't been to woods' edge in the past few days to look for it.

  4. Hi Sue, What a wonderful time of year! The garden changes daily......You have beautiful Penstemons. The cultivar you can't name is flush with flowers. What a beautiful sight!....I have planted Penstemon a few times but don't think any came up this year......Happy Gardening

  5. Your Penstemons are lovely, especially the shell leaf one, nice leaves and a beautiful pink. Penstemons haven't lasted very long in my garden for some reason, I'll have to try them again sometime. I'm glad after your bad winter that things are growing again.

  6. Lovely photos Sue. I thought I was going to have a lovely foxglove this year. It seemed to survive the winter very well and then suddenly turned brown. There is no sign of life. Sigh.

  7. I love how you always catch your sweet doggie in at least one photo. She's in your banner photo this time, bless her heart... There's that penstemon again! I think I'll order seeds too and let them germinate on their own next spring. Such a cool plant. For years I never heard of Penstemon and now they're getting almost common. I love them. And I love the purple Asclepias too.

  8. Very nice wildflowers Sue, they seem so delicate.


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