Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bloom Day

I saw someone had posted for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens, and decided to get out there and take some photos of what's blooming today, and link up.  I am so thankful that spring is here, but it is supposed to get down to 32 degrees tonight, a couple days past our average last frost date.  I will be ready for some highs in the 70s with lows in the 50s for awhile before the 80s come to stay.

Praire smoke geum, native to areas near us:

I got sidetracked on my way to take a photo of the Fremont's clematis, native to our area.  This one is from April 27.  The plants are now loaded with blooms.

 Perennial geranium cultivar of some kind:

Verbena canadensis, native to our area:

Golden alexanders, native to our area:

Heuchera richardsonii, native coral bells:

Phlox pilosa, 'Echo Happy Traveler':

I think this is a German iris, a rebloomer:

I dug up quite a few daylilies to make room for more native plants.  This one was given to me by Jo, a gal who I don't see often, but we have a bond through gardening.  Plus, look!  It is an early bloomer!

Geranium maculatum, native in our area:

Bleeding heart fern:

Gas plant:

I like this color of iris.

Phlox divaricata, native in our area:

Native columbines, and Virginia waterleaf, also native:

Awhile back some of us garden bloggers talked about our "signature" plants.  I don't remember whose idea that was now, but I do remember that Amsonia was mine.  This one is either ilustris or tabernaemontana.  These are also natives.  I have some in several different planting areas.

This one is hubrichtii:

I have a lot going on these days, and  even though I am retired and have not subbed for over a month, I have not been posting or reading blogs often.  I do not want to lose the contact I've had with other garden bloggers, even though I do still keep up some through Facebook.  Facebook is fun and addicting, but blogging has been a fun part of my gardening and I want to somehow keep up with everything.  We'll see what happens with that, since June 21ish, our daughter is expecting a girl she's named Ruby.  I will be watching her 4 days a week when our daughter goes back to work.  I do believe that little girl is going to be spending some time gardening!  We'll still have the grandsons on Saturdays, so I hope they keep some interest going, too.  Maybe they are old enough to have both of them in the garden at the same time, even doing something productive like pulling weeds.  Maybe I can pay them or something.  We'll see.


  1. Sue, you have so many wonderful blooms. LOVE the prairie smoke-I'd like to try some of that.
    So nice to see how things are growing for you. We're even more behind than usual due to our cold temps. Even my tulips have not bloomed yet!
    Enjoy the weekend and thanks for sharing

  2. I love that Prairie Smoke, what a beauty. All of your flowers are wonderful though, it's just that that one nabbed me.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely gardens once again.


  3. Happy Bloom Day, Sue! That Prairie Smoke Geum is beautiful. Is it’s foliage just as attractive? Congrats on the pending arrival of a new gardener. I hear little fingers are perfect for weeding. Thank you for sharing your garden.

  4. Sue, I'm so glad you posted for GBBD. I love your plants, and to have Amsonia as your signature plant is a great choice. I'm sorry about your late freeze. We had one too, and the roses were not happy. They still have burned leaves, and most haven't bloomed. So glad I have other plants to look upon in their absence. Enjoy that new baby girl. Babies are the best.~~Dee

  5. I love Prairie Smoke, it's such a great seedhead. I have a couple of small patches of them, but I really would like a larger one. Maybe I just consolidate them all? I'm not quite sure what my signature plant would be. Maybe daylilies, I do have a lot of them.

  6. Hi Sue. It's always nice to see you blogging. I'm glad you're going to try to stick with it....when I first started blogging you were and still are such an encouragement to me. Having watched my grandkids when they were little, I realize how much time and energy it takes but, it's such a blessing! I want to be in their favorite childhood memories! I love your Phlox pilosa. It must be wonderfully fragrant. You have great native plants. Your red Columbine is suppose to be native to NE as well but I have never seen it.....perhaps I'd need to go further north.....Happy Gardening!

  7. Wow, everything looks incredible in your garden. So pretty!

  8. I've noticed that many garden bloggers, including myself, have cut way back on the posting they used to do. I don't mind that, really. Honestly, there are a few that I enjoy who still post every day, and I find it annoying. I can't possibly read them all, so I end up clicking through without even looking. I'd much rather read a post once or twice a week, and then truly enjoy it. So don't feel bad! I still like to keep my blog as my own personal garden journal, so that I can compare bloom times from one year to the next. Are you familiar with Benjamin Vogt from The Deep Middle blog in Nebraska. He is a fanatic native gardener, I'm sure you two would have a lot in common.

  9. Everything is looking great, Sue. Love the whimsical touches in your garden, like the watering can over the gas plant.

  10. Ooh, I love the Prairie Smoke! This is a plant I've coveted for years, and last year I finally ordered two of them. But in a planting frenzy a couple of weeks later, I think I accidentally pulled up one to plant something else:( I'm going to have to try them again and make sure I mark them this time! I didn't know there was a native verbena--I'll have to look for this one. You made a great choice on the Amsonia as your signature plant; I love these blue blooms, as well as the foliage in the fall. Sounds like you have a full plate, Sue; it's hard to keep up with everything, I know. I skim through Facebook while I'm relaxing in the evening, but it takes more time to write a blog post and read everyone's posts. Still, I enjoy it, though I don't spend as much time on blogging as I used to. Good to see all your spring bloomers!

  11. Everything looks beautiful! I need to see if that Virginia waterleaf will actually grow in Virginia! :o)


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