Thursday, June 20, 2013

Side Yard Update

I haven't been posting as much lately, and the time I spend on Facebook causes me to not read as many blogs as I used to.  I am wanting to find a balance so I can keep up with blog reading better.  Not only that, but this post was started June 6, and since GBBD and Foliage Follow up were coming up before I had gotten back to it, I decided to put this on hold.  Things have grown since this, but I am going to go ahead and post it rather than start over.

The Comfrey is almost finished blooming, but the bees are still visiting the blooms.

The Comfrey flops over after blooming, so I cut it back, and it grows back more compactly, and I'm thinking, blooms again.

The Zigzag goldenrod is spreading into the cage where the Phlox divaricata is growing.

I'm thinking this is a Salvia of some kind. 

Pasque flower seedhead:

The Salvia plumosa plants are needing support, or they will flop all over the place.  Can you see the seedheads of the Amsonia tabernaemontana?  I cut it back a few days ago so the Short tooth mountain mint can be seen.

The Baptisias are finished blooming for the season.  Most of the plants here will be blooming later in the season.

There are several colors of Spiderworts in this area.

We are continuing toward the south.  The plants in this area have spread into each other.

The Yarrow is hard to photograph.  Bees have been loving the catmints.

I'm only allowing this clump of Northern sea oats to grow.  They were trying to take over, but I have dug the others out, and will deadhead this.  I need to be deadheading the Virginia waterleaf that's in the lower right corner.  The blooms may be Sweet rocket.  I should probably take off those seedheads, also.

Amsonia hubrichtii is all finished blooming now.

I'm not sure what this bloom is.  The foliage is in the next photo.

The False sunflower is blooming now.  This Amsonia still has a few blooms.  The small yellow flowers are Lovage.

Look at those pretty Baptisa blooms!  I wish it had a longer bloom time.

The Pincushion flower is doing well.  Again, I'm not sure what the other blooms are.

Continuing to the south, I like the differences in the foliage of these plants.

I took out what I think was Ribbon grass that was always flopping over other plants, and the Liriope that was spreading too far, and kept the Hellebore, Liatris, and a few other plants.  The daylily next to the cage is one that was my mother-in-law's.  Now, it won't be smothered by the grass.  I moved some Black-eyed Susans to the area, which should take over some of the bare dirt.

Two of the 38 plants that I didn't realize were going to be individual seedlings that I ordered from a native plant nursery are in the back here.  They came the third week of May, and it was too wet to plant most of them.  They are struggling, but most have some new growth forming.  I think these are Liatris ligulistylis.  You can see one of them in the right corner by the wheel barrow.  Oh, the plant next to the broken pot piece is Poppy mallow.  I have a number of them planted around the yard, and love them.

Now, we are facing north.  There are two tubs of mint, and one with strawberries in it.

I walked back to where we started, taking more photos.

The view from the street:

I am hoping to make it out earlier in the morning to garden.  It has been hot, and today, the humidity got to me.  I hope all is well with you and your gardens.


  1. Your garden is looking amazing! I want to plant some comfrey in my garden too, mostly to use for making fertilizer tea. But can't find it anywhere, I guess it's considered a weed. Your clump of amsonia is looking huge! My new one is so tiny and thin - hope it grows up soon. Enjoy and stay out of the heat.

  2. I enjoyed looking at all the individual blooms, but I am so glad you included that last photo. All the different textures and heights make this such an attractive area!

    Just came back in myself after working in the veggie garden and cutting back asters--when it gets this hot, I have to quit by mid-morning or I'm worthless the rest of the day:) I do enjoy your new Facebook page, Sue--it has really taken off. But as you say, it certainly takes time. I look at it almost every day, but I haven't had time to post anything nor participate in discussions much. That is the one nice thing about Facebook--it only takes a second to hit "like":)

  3. Ah, I know--this time of year it's hard to keep up with ... everything! The Baptisia are so pretty. I'm going to have to look into getting some--they seem to like our climate here, too.

  4. Nice! I really like the combination of the yarrow and nepeta. But beware the zigzag goldenrod, it will spread like crazy if you let it.

  5. Sue, that first daisy like bloom with the ferny foliage may be an anthemis/chamomile and the salvia looks like my salvia transylvanica. Mine is more blue but that might just be the camera.

    Did you know comfrey makes a wonderful addition to your compost?

    What beautiful grass! I do envy you that luscious stuff....I didn't realize you had any grass left. It just sets off the flower beds and house.

    All the beds are looking great.


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