Sunday, June 16, 2013

Foliage Follow up

Thanks to Pam, who hosts Foliage Follow up, I pay more attention and appreciate the differences in the foliage of a variety of plants.

I love the spiky foliage of Whorled milkweed.

And then, there are the huge leaves of the Cup plant.  Water is held where the leaves meet the stems.  Birds and insects drink from them.

I have enjoyed the look of the Agastache 'Golden Jubilee' next to the yellow blooming Foxglove.

I was tickled to get a couple starts of Illinois bundleflower from a local friend, after the seeds I planted in the fall did not come up.  Isn't the foliage pretty?

Rattlesnake master has foliage that reminds me of some of Pam's plants.

Look at the huge leaves of the Rudbeckia maxima!

Grayhead coneflower and Liatris pycnostachya 'Eureka':

Little bluestem and Wild senna:

Zigzag goldenrod:

Globe thistle and Amsonia hubrichtii:

Autumn joy type of sedum, and Costmary:

Black Jack sedum and Rabbitbrush, with maybe a Phlox on the right:

I love the silvery foliage of the Pussytoes.

The foliage of Lead plant is one of my favorites.  I plan on getting some dried this season to make tea with.

I was able to do some succession plantings of lettuce this spring, and we are still enjoying salads, but it's been warm enough for some to bolt, so, the season for this crop will soon be over.

I think I always post more photos than Pam does.  I just have too much trouble deciding what to include, and what not to include.  Go check out her cool water garden, and find the links to other Foliage Follow up posts.


  1. It all looks great! Soon there will be a lot of color.

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  3. I'm glad you just post them all.

    I like the new colorful background and header photos.

  4. Hi Sue,
    You have some beautiful foliage and an amazing assortment of plants. I love that the critters drink out of the cup plant! Keep 'em comin! Sally

  5. Wow, you have lots of plants with fascinating foliage. Good idea including Cup Plant. Also the milkweed, lead plant, and rudbeckia maxima are really striking!

  6. Your posts always amaze me, Sue--so many native perennials, and you've place them together in great combinations. What a wonderful garden you have!

  7. Sue - everything's so lush!!

  8. I honestly do not know where you find these uncommon natives. They are unusual and so beautiful.

  9. Your spiky metal flower looks perfect in the bed with Globe thistle and Amsonia hubrichtii. Great combo!

  10. All of your foliage looks great! What is that "rabbitbush," though? It looks familiar (sort of like my silver curry plant) but I don't quite recognize it.

  11. Am enjoying your posts. Three plants really caught my attention; I seem to like the pea family a lot. The bundleflower looks great, had never heard of it. The wild senna and the lead plant I like too. I think they all might survive here in zone 5b Nova Scotia. I have some seedlings of a lead plant relative coming up, hopefully they will thrive.

  12. I really liked Illinois bundleflower. The seed head is nice in dried arrangements. But years after removing it, I'm still pulling new seedlings. I've noticed a lot of it south of Lincoln in the ditches on Hwy 77 the last couple of years.


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