Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking Liberties with GBBD

I have one plant blooming this January Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.  It's the rosemary plant that bloomed last winter, as well.  It's in my garden window.  There are a number of African violets, in various degrees of health.  Maybe some of them will be blooming in a month.

'Naomi' is finished blooming.  The other holiday cacti in the smaller pots have had a few blooms, but also have some nubs that haven't yet.

 I thought of going out into the cold to take photos of seedheads, but I've already shown some lately.  It occurred to me that I have flowers in some form in every room of the house I go into, so I went around and took lots of photos, most of which did not turn out decently.  I have been working on organizing and getting rid of clutter in a room upstairs, so these photos include dust. Don't look too closely if you are faint of heart.

Dining Room:


Entry Way at the Back Door:

Living Room:

KJ's Toy Room/Computer Room:

(That's a phone book on the bottom of the pile that says something about a law office.  We are not using the services of any lawyers.)

Stairway to Second Floor:

Base of Steps:

Our Bedroom:

(The only reason I have this Roseville vase is because it had been broken and repaired.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to afford it.)

The Room I'm trying to Clean:

I grew all of the flowers and dried them except for the next ones, which are part of a wreath type thing I made in a class a number of years ago.  It's down, because I need to sort through and get rid of most of the flowers in.  I normally only keep dried flowers around 2 or 3 years, sometimes fewer.

I came across this photo of a young me from over 15 years ago, at our previous home.  Even though the peas are loaded, they still have some blooms on them.  I need to get some rabbit fencing so I can have a crop like this again.

I am excited to think that in a month, it will be the middle of February, and I may be able to get started planting my early crops.  I've already told some of you that I've decided to enjoy seeing your springs unfold, and not feel sorry for myself while I wait for my turn.  I look forward to seeing what you have blooming.   

The days are getting longer.  Yeah! 


  1. Lovely to see all the flowers inside the house too. You've inspired me to go around and notice what I have in my house too!

  2. Beautiful blooms, all of them!

    We have to take our bloom where we find them this time of year.

  3. So cool! my rosemary is blooming too, and I post it for blooming day as well.

    high five for being rosemary blooming buddies!

  4. I like to hang dry flowers too. Look how skinny you are in that photo!

  5. What a great post, I enjoyed the tour and share. I used to put the peas in all my walking paths of the garden, since I picked them before I di the other items.When I had kids eating them strained I put in 4 lbs of seed to give us some for all year.That was a lot of shelling.

  6. I liked your liberty taking venture. You have a great idea showing blooms all over your house. Happy GBBD.

  7. What a great post. I like all your flowers. You did great drying flowers this year and the photo of you with the peas is priceless. Thanks for sharing. Here's looking to spring!

  8. Hi Sue, yes, feel free to enjoy our spring unfolding especially knowing that July-September here will be brutal ;) I'll be enjoying all your lovely bloomers in the summer that would never make it here! Happy GBBD!

  9. Your rosemary blooms in the depths of winter???
    Lovely to see all your inside flowers too :-)

  10. Hi, Sue and Happy Bloom Day!

    I love the liberties you've taken with the flowers in every room. Very cool. I'm so impressed that you can keep rosemary happy. I always forget to water mine and they're not very forgiving...

  11. Hi Sue. Yeah for the days getting longer.I have noticed it too. You have some wonderful dried flowers and flowers pictures. That is about all I have blooming now too. I like your new background with the snow and dried flowers. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Clever post and presentation, Sue. It prompted me to see if there were flowers in every room here. I have about as many animal prints as flower pictures. Loved your photo with the peas!

  13. Oh, look at all the flowers!!

    I've noticed the days getting longer too and I can't wait to get my hands in some dirt!

  14. Dear Sue, What a neat idea ... I loved the tour! You made me realize I have flowers, in some form, in every room, too. I guess it's the gardener in us! P x

  15. You can tell a gardener lives in your home just by your art. I keep thinking that once February is here it will really feel like spring isn't too far off and we all have gardens full of flowers again.

  16. Love the "snail" reading the magazine. I'm going to look for one to use a a paperweight in my office):-

  17. Happy New Year and GBBD! What a great new take on GBBD. Love all your dried flowers, your Roseville vase, and the photo of the look back in time to a very "peas"-ing crop.

  18. Sue, I love it when someone's home reflects who they are and yours looks like a gardener lives there! :-) Our house is kind of torn up at the moment too, so I know how you feel. I'll be glad when things are done and put back together. :-)

  19. Yes, the days are getting longer! I love your interpretation of GBBD, we get our joy where we can in winter.

  20. I love your winter 'blooms' .. they are certainly cheery! Yea .. your spring countdown banner is a sight for almost sore eyes.

    Happy garden dreaming.

  21. I love all your dried flowers, Sue! I need to add some reminders to my to-do list for next fall, including picking some flowers and seedheads for drying and bringing my rosemary inside. Last year my rosemary did so well over the winter, then promptly died in March:) Hope you have better luck than I did. Right now about the only blooms I have are in all the gardening books and magazines sitting on my coffee table.


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