Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snow Day!

It's been snowing off and on since Saturday evening.  The forecasters kept saying we could have up to 12 inches by Tuesday morning.  I don't think we're still supposed to get that much, but we are off of work today.   Larry and I didn't think the new school superintendent would cancel, but we got the call after the news was over last night, at 10:30 p.m.

The call I wasn't happy about came at 2:00 a.m.  It was to let us know the city is in a snow emergency and we can't park in certain areas.  I wonder if anyone went out and moved their vehicles at that time.  I'm thinking they had already said that on the news.  I need to find out who to notify to have them fix whatever caused the calls to go out at that time.

All of the photos for this post were taken either from the front or back door.  The first were taken yesterday.  It's snowing in all of them.

When I looked out last night, it almost looked light, with the lovely snow coming down.  I couldn't get a picture, even with the night setting, of what it really looked like.  I used a flash for this one.  It sure was pretty out there!  You can see the start of the cap of snow on the fire hydrant.

The rest of the photos were taken around 10:00 this morning, when I was about to work on the clutter in my upstairs "parlor".  When it's clean enough, I use it for reading, working out and making baskets of dried flowers.  I have a number of collections in it, too.  Now, I'm up here, and about to get busy, but first I'm getting this post up.

 We have had more snow since yesterday.  They just said we've had 6.3 inches in all so far, with differences in local areas.  We could get 3 or 4 more inches by tomorrow.  One of the announcers just said it looks like a snow globe out there.  How sweet!  Well, yes, it does.

I love the hats on the coneflowers.

The cap on the fire hydrant is larger.

Well, I need to get busy.  While the pictures were loading, I started to go through a basket of pens my father-in-law collected.  I decided I could only keep the ones that write, and am figuring out none of them do.  This is hard for me!  I am tearing up over it.

My daughter and I have been watching some of the TV shows on hoarding.  I think one can be a hoarder without being as extreme as those on the show.  My house does not look like that, but this room I'm cleaning is about half of what they show, which is plenty.  I have emotional attachments to things that used to be my in-laws, or that remind me of things in my past.   I also have trouble figuring out what kinds of mail to keep or get rid of.   I did get started on the room this summer, and it was difficult then, too.  I was able to get rid of a number of things, though, and am determined to see it through.


  1. Oh, I love those snow beautiful, although it can be a pain when you're the one living trough it! I can sympathize about your having to sort through things. I catch myself at times doing the same thing...and there are things with no real value that I still can't bear to part with. Good luck!

  2. Hi,

    Lovely photos, I know what you mean about it looking light even at night. For a number of weeks it looked like constant daylight here, I could easily see everything down our street as the snow reflects the streetlights, then once it had melted it was strange being unable to see as much because I was so used to the snow being there!

    I hope it melts quickly for you!

  3. It is just starting to snow here again, I see they are closing schools early in W IA so they are getting clobbered.You must have had 3 inches it looks. It is hard to sort through what one really needs. I had my basement perfect two years ago, and now it is back where I started. Not sure where it all comes from.Laughed when I found some planters I forgot about.

  4. I say you had a snow day!! It's hard letting go of things,but once you do it, it gets easier!

  5. How nice to get to be home on a snow day! I like sorting through papers or other organizing on snowy days. Yesterday, we shredded old (like 7 years old) bank documents while gathering things for filing this year's taxes. I like your photos while it was snowing in the night.

  6. Your snow pictures are wonderful. Once you get going on decluttering, it gets easier, it's the getting started that's hard. :-) You can do it!

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Ah, decluttering. . . it is as challenging as it is rewarding.

    I enjoyed your photos but I think my two favorites were the snow on the coneflowers and the corn.

    Stay safe and warm!

  8. The snow pictures are soooo beautiful !!!! Decluttering can be hard..especially when the person that used it is no longer with us...
    Prayers, Bo

  9. I'm going through the same thing with my grandmother right now, she really has a hard time letting things go. Glad you got to stay home where it was nice & warm. :)

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous photo of the falling snow! We are expecting a storm tomorrow, the storm that dumped a lot of snow in the South is making it's way to the North East.

  11. Dear Sue,

    Looks like you are getting some good snow cover! I am glad we finally got some snow because I worried that my evergreens would bite the dust with the zero temps and not having a snow cover leaves them too vulnerable.

    I think that the show Hoarders can prompt people to see that they don't need to keep so much. My husband hates the show because it hits so close to home. His office is scary! My kids warned me not to let his stuff "escape" out of there or it would fill the entire house.

    I like the snowy photo at night. It looks like stars! Keep warm and have fun organizing. It is a cure for mild depression for me.

  12. bet you are enhjoying your kitchen and insidwe blooms

  13. When I was a preschool teacher, I used to LOVE a snow day just like a child! Now I work at Kohl's, and there is never a snow day, no matter what. Boo hoo. Did you try to gently warm the nibs of the pens? They might write then.

  14. Sue,the snow pictures are beautiful. The fire hydrant looks like he is wearing a chullo hat (those with the ear flaps that hang down).

    We just got 2 inches...haven't had a deep snow in a very long time.

    We decluttered two closets and now have a large box of clothing to donate. I was disappointed that it didn't empty the closets more though.

    I need to do drawers next.

  15. So much snow. it must be hard to keep a normal life and struggle against it. We wont get any until maybe next month, and it will still be little.

  16. Sue, Your flash photo is stellar! I hope I get to try that sometime~We have snow on the ground~for a few more days at least! It sure makes the winter garden look spectacular. Keep warm~gail

  17. Hi Friends,
    Thanks for the comments. It's still slow going cleaning the cluttered room, but I'm plugging away. I sorted through some CDs last night. I had a bunch that were out of the cases. I alphabetized the cases by the artists, then I picked up the CDs one by one, and was able to find the right cases easily. I was pretty proud of myself.

    Msrobin, I am planning on trying your tip to see if the pens write.

    This evening, I pulled out the 2 containers of match covers my father-in-law collected. I didn't have the heart to go through them yet. I have a couple frames that I have some in. I sometimes make decisions in the night that I don't know if I agree with when I'm awake. Last night, I decided I was going to get rid of the match covers, but now, I'm thinking I may get them down to one container instead of two. All of this sorting does not make the process go so quickly.

  18. Hi Sue,
    It's been in the 30 and 40s for 5 days straight but no snow here in Houston. Overcast skies really add to the "I need to stay in and do paperwork" theme for me as well.
    Stay warm. David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  19. I love watching the snow fall! You have great photos. Is your little garden girl freezing her toes? (Little sculpture in the garden) lol

  20. I never ask anyone to bring things to my party, but they always do anyway! I end up with more wine bottles than I start with, and sometimes they bring snacks too. But I'm famous for my food, and that's why they come. It's expensive to throw this party, but we love it!

  21. The coneflower hats made me smile.
    (((Hugs))) to you about the decluttering. I'm working on that myself.


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