Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July's Wildflower Wednesday

I almost forgot the date again.  Each month goes by too quickly for me!  It is sprinkling, so I just took some photos from the front porch.  I've done posts like this before for Gail's Wildflower Wednesday.  There will be no feature plant, but I will try to get many of the plants identified.  Oh, I just got back from Gail's blog to get the link to it, and see she did something a bit different, too.  She posted about not having a lot of sun, and putting natives in pots.

Here is the east flower bed.  The tall plant is a wild senna that is native to the U.S. but not my SE Nebraska.  The pink blooms by the fence are a cultivar of joe pye weed, 'Gateway'.  The white blooms between the joy pye and liatris are a mountain mint of some kind.

The yellow blooms on the left are gray headed coneflowers.  The tall airy blooms are a Thalictrum of some kind.  I have always called them meadow rue, but the blooms look different than the ones I just looked up.  I am not remembering what kind of liatris this is.  The Monarda fistulosa on the right are finished blooming, while the ones across the sidewalk out of view just started blooming a week or so ago.

This is the west front bed where a silver maple tree used to be.  This area doesn't get watered much. When I do water, either from the rain barrel or with a hose, I just get the ones that cannot handle being dry as much as the other plants.  This time of year, a number of plants are finished blooming, while others, such as cup plant are coming into their own.  The close up of the cup plant did not post at first, so I had to go back to get it, and it is toward the end of the post.

The green plant near the milkweeds is sweet black eyed susan.  It will be blooming soon.  You can see lots of coneflowers in the curb area, and some liatrises as well as others not visible in the photo.

The white blooms here are wild quinine.  This wild senna is blooming ahead of the others in the yard.

The plant with the seed heads is giant coneflower, which is not nearly as tall as usual.  I am not remembering what the plant with the flower buds behind the not yet blooming wild senna are.

Here is the close up of the cup plant!  It has had a number of insect visitors, and will continue to.

There is another joe pye plant with the pink blooms in the background.  The orange blooming Tithonias are not wildflowers, but they have had loads of visitors, and when the monarchs come through this fall, they will be attracted to this plant.  All of those blooms are on two different plants that I started from seed indoors before planting time!  The yellow blooms are another cultivar, Rudbeckia laciniata hortensia,  also called golden glow and outhouse plant.  They took over the raised flower bed in front of the house.  There had been some liatris in there with them.  I am probably not going to dig them out, because it could cause more water to get into our basement. 

Our granddaughter will be here soon.  I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying summer.  Happy gardening!


  1. As I follow you around your yard, I can just hear the insects buzzing on the smorgasbord of blooms you provide. Beautiful. Your cup plant is especially magnificent!

  2. One of my favorite snack foods is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It's the combination of distinctly different things - peanut butter and chocolate - that make them so enjoyable. Your garden is reminiscent of that for me. You have a diverse, unique mixture of wildflowers that contrast so distinctly to your neighbors' yards in the background. That contrast adds to my enjoyment and appreciation of your garden. And, better yet, both peanut butter cups and viewing your garden can be done while enjoying a tall glass of cold milk ;) Thanks for taking the time to share your garden. It's appreciated.

  3. I always enjoy visits to your blog, Sue! So many native favorites right there in your garden. :) Your Wild Senna is so healthy and large! Happy WW!

  4. Your garden looks so spectacular next to your neighbour's boring lawns.
    What sort of reaction do you get??

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  6. Your yard is really coming into its glory this time of year. Wow. Do you ever find neighbors wandering about admiring it?

  7. Your corner garden looks nice and green for the end of July. Happy gardening!


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