Sunday, February 11, 2018

Photos from the Front Door

We have had a mild winter up until the last few weeks.  The local news said we have had 7.7 inches of snow in the last, I think, 10 days.  In the mean time, I am starting to see spring posts in the southern and western states.  Those photos always lighten my heart, and excite me for the time when our signs of spring will be visible.

I have been seeing juncos, cardinals, blue jays and sparrows in the yard.  The rabbits are also around.  They don't seem to hibernate.  We also have a number of squirrels.

I enjoy growing lots of native plants.  Leaving them up in the winter provides seeds for birds and shelter for the insects that live in the stems.  The tall plant just left of middle is pale Indian plantain, the plant I featured for last month's Wildflower Wednesday.  The one one the right is cup plant.  I love how the snow rests in the cups of the leaves.

I am seeing round headed bush clover, wild quinine, and maybe a coneflower of some kind.

This is across the sidewalk, right in front of our house.  You can see the cup plant on the left.

I love the seed heads of the Illinois bundleflowers.  They look very nice with snow caps, as well.

I am pretty sure this is a gray headed coneflower clump.

I look forward to the progression of spring to Nebraska.  I am going to need to be more careful to use sun screen and wear hats when I garden.  I encourage others to do it before damage is found.  My face is a mess from the work the dermatologist did Friday on the AKs and SKs he found.  He also took a couple biopsies to send in.  I will get the results of those in a couple weeks.


  1. I live in Illinois and wish you were my neighbor!!! I grow as many natives as I can fit in between all my food I try to grow. Your garden is beautiful!!! I am west central illinois and we have had more snow in the last week than all winter:-) spring soon:-)

    1. Hi Robbie, I clicked on your name to see if you have a blog, but I did not find one. Do you have one? I would love to see photos of your vegetables with natives growing in between them. Thanks for your nice comment on my post!

  2. Sue - We have similar landscapes - but fluctuating temperatures. Yesterday temps were in the 40s and rain dripped all day on the snow.

  3. Hi Sue,
    I love your title picture. It's such a different perspective of your garden than I've seen. It looks like you'll be garden dreaming for a while longer. We will, too...maybe mid March I'll outside.

    1. Hi Sally, I just clicked on your name to get to your blog, but got a message that your site, New England Flowerbeds is not safe to go to. I forgot exactly what it said, but it was something like the site is not configured properly or something. I will do a search to see if I can get there.

  4. Sue I enjoy seeing the winter landscape almost as much as the other growing seasons. I was wondering what the cup plant with the snow in the cup was. Love it.

    Glad to see you posting.

  5. A short while after snow here, and we already have some spring flowers. Amazing!


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