Wednesday, July 1, 2015

View from the Corner

I sometimes do posts that show the view from our front porch.  As I was standing in the street, starting to take photos of the curb bed, I got the idea to take photos from that spot, and use my zoom like I do when on the porch to see what I can see.  After taking these photos, I decided to cut the liatris aspera plants that were way taller than the other plants in that part of the bed.  The purple poppy mallow plants are blooming away, and I've trimmed them to keep them from going too far out into the street.

Zooming toward the lovely fire hydrant, we see a good number of what look to be purple coneflowers.

Zooming across the sidewalk, to the west curb bed, there are more purple coneflowers, some baby's breath, and common milkweed, which is just starting to bloom.

Can you see down the sidewalk, that we have a neighbor who has no lawn at all?

I see phlox, switchgrass, I'm thinking, 'heavy metal', Mexican hats, New Jersey tea, liatris, little bluestem grass, and a common milkweed.

Zooming to the west, and into the back yard, the giant coneflower is blooming.  The baptisia is sporting seed pods, and the pale purple coneflower and yellow coneflowers are mingling.

Coming back to the east side, there are fewer purple coneflowers in this bed, because I pulled quite a few.  I have to watch for aster yellows, and so far, the pale ones have not had it.  The orange is a cultivar of sneeze weed.

Closer to the house, in the same bed, I think that's a gray headed coneflower getting ready to bloom.  I get it mixed up with another plant, that I'm not remembering the name of, but the blooms are very similar.  The orange blooms here are a daylily I've had for awhile.

Sweet black eyed susans should be blooming in a few weeks. The rattlesnake master is blooming shorter than usual.   

I backed off of the zoom to show a fuller view of the front bed, and the side of the house.

Here's a closer view of the east side of the house.  I like my zoom!  The spiderworts are getting a bit ragged.  The alliums will be soon.

False sunflower and coreopsis provide some yellow.  The huge green plant is an amsonia.  I think this is the best year the garden phlox have had.  I think all the rain we had this spring may be the reason.

The phlox are on the south side of the driveway.  The other plants are across to the north side.  I am not remembering what the huge, white blooming plant is, but we decided to take out the gas plant after I got burned from trimming this plant, even though I thought I had been careful not to touch it.  Larry was also worried the grandkids would get hurt by it.

I hope you are having a good start to your July.  Spring went by way too quickly for me.  I hope we get enough rain, but not as much as we did in the spring.  It's been hot enough, that the soil has gotten dry, though.  I saw some pretty big cracks last night, so the little bit of rain we got in the night was very appreciated.  (I wasn't consistent in providing links, because it is getting late, but the Lady Bird Johnson site is a good resource, and if you are curious about any native plant, you can do a search there.


  1. Hi Sue, I love your zoom too! Your yard looks great. The Phlox is amazing and I love all your different coneflowers. I planted common milkweed and it's bloomed this year....I had no idea it smells so wonderful! Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any honey bees and few butterflies. How about you? Happy Gardening!

  2. Sue, I'm always truly amazed at the way you put your flower beds together. It looks like nature herself has visited your yard and gave it a kiss. For me flowers in bloom has a great effect on my contentment. To have a yard like yours seems to me would be a lot of work but you always make it look easy. My tired flower beds need some new life badly. The side yard has some Iris that I planted about 10 years ago and the entire bed needs to be rejuvenated. Some of the Iris were winter killed last winter because of the lack of snow cover and the others are in serious need of dividing. I really should come up with a totally different plan for the bed to give it a different but better look. It's on the west side of the house where exposure to the sun is limited. The space between the my house and the neighbor's house is about 30 feet so direct sun is maybe three to fours hours on a good day. Maybe that will be my challenge for this year, what do you think?

    Have a great zooming picture day.

  3. Your gardens are looking absolutely spectacular! I sure wish that I could come poke through them with you in person. I love how you put plants together - you have an extremely artistic touch in your arrangements.

  4. This is such a great time to be in the garden with all of the Rudbeckia and Echinacea blooming. I love your bike!

  5. Sue your gardens are fabulous....and yes spring went by too fast....summer is blooming and the colors and blooms are a welcome delight.

  6. My phlox are also having their best year, so I think your theory may be correct, as we have also had tons of rain this year. I had a butterfly moth last night, and only the various phlox would do for him. Don't you like how your expanses of lawn give your eyes somewhere to rest?

  7. Your planting is very natural looking reminiscent of an an English cottage garden in places.

  8. Oh my goodness Sue, a gardener after my own heart...barely any grass and a garden lush, and full of plants. That's gorgeous...and your house is beyond adorable!!

    Thanks for dropping by, this is such a treat to see, it's gorgeous, and inspiring.

    What kind of watering system do you have? Is it a lot of work? And how do you get inbetween the flowers to weed, and water?



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