Thursday, November 21, 2013

Post Hard Freeze

Since the last post, we've had some colder nights, and the colors have changed some more.  As usual, it has taken more than one day to get this post done.  I better get this posted tonight, because it is snowing right now, and it will be time to take the first snow photos soon.

Even though we have no trees in our yard, the neighbors have plenty to share with us, and the wind does a good job getting them over.

The Common milkweed buds seemed tightly shut to the point I thought maybe they were not going to, but they surprised me.  In the past, I took them off before they could ripen and blow around the neighborhood.

I do have these cut off now, but they sure are pretty.

The New England aster blooms have gone to seed, too.

I may have said this already, but I hope winter goes by as quickly as spring and summer did.

While we don't have room for a new tree, I do have lots of tall plants in the yard.

I'm enjoying the Rudbeckia maxima, on the left, behind the fence, and Grayheaded coneflower, Riddel's goldenrod, Little bluestem, and I think the plant on the right is Stiff goldenrod.

I don't show this area often, because it's been slow filling up.  The silvery groundcover is Pussytoes.

There are three New Jersey tea plants in the area.  I hope they grow to be a good size next year.

Looking back to the west:

Wild bergamont is another plant that looks pretty to me in the fall.

I am having trouble staying awake, so please forgive me, but I am going to go ahead and post this without identifying the plants.  Maybe I'll come back later.  Most have been identified in past posts, though.

Joe Pye weed:

The Hellebores have grown to a nice size, and the foliage seems to not mind the cold temperatures.

I think these are from a Butterfly milkweed.

As you can see, the irises are finished blooming.

Stock is an old fashioned fragrant annual.

Mountain mint:

My heart and prayers go out to those of you in Illinois and other places that have had severe weather lately.  I hope you are all safe and are ready to enjoy Thanksgiving.


  1. Ohh.. Wow!
    All had turned into a seed factory.
    Surely its all turning brown now.
    Guess the snow is going to blanket soon in totally in white shade.

  2. Sue, your garden is beautiful in EVERY season! I love all the seed pods--just so pretty-and I'm sure the birds are loving it too!

  3. Nice to see the garden structure. Those milk weed pods sure look great in there.

  4. Beautiful photos, Sue...I have to admit, I adore the Milkweed seed pods once they split open...there is something so magical about those silky seeds!

  5. Very cold here too, Sue. I'm really not ready for winter either, but if we have to have it, let's hope it only lasts as long as the summer did. (I think we had the shortest summer on record, don't you?) Love the milkweed pods. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Sue,
    Your Autumn plants are lovely. You have so many seed heads that are unusual and pretty. No snow here yet. We usually don't have any that sticks before Thanksgiving. I become less enamored with snow as I age......Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Sue, you certainly have captured the beauty of the fall garden. Even through the color of summer bloom has diminished their is beauty in the last glimpses of what was a thriving garden. Soon snow will blanket the garden with its own beauty. If nothing else, you have taught me that each season in the garden has its own special beauty to see and enjoy.

    Have a great fall garden day.

  8. Looking at your photos makes me cold, Sue. Brrr... I bet you'll have lots of seedlings next year with all of the seeds you've left to ripen. I suppose the birds might get them first though. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Sue, your garden just glows in the sunlight! I love the close-up of the milkweed and the other plant I can't identify just filled with seeds. Even the iris looks pretty in its last days. Thanks for your concern and your comment on my blog. The clean-up continues in the small town near me hit so badly by the tornado. The residents have such positive attitudes, they're an inspiration to everyone. And all the offers of help and the number of volunteers, some traveling from other parts of the state to help, has been heartwarming.

  10. Gotta love the evergreen foliage on the Hellebores! They always amaze me how their new growth begins to emerge before winter and then makes it through the winter. Thanks for the tour of your late-autumn garden! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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