Monday, July 15, 2013

Curb Update for GBBD

I don't think I've done a post on the curb area this year, and since there are so many flowers blooming everywhere in the yard, I decided to focus on the curb area for Carol's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Check out her blog, and you will see links to go find out what others have blooming. 

I have more dirt showing than usual because I removed a number of plants, mostly daylilies to make room for more plants that are native to our area.  The new plants are small, but in a few years, they will fill up the space.  Oh, I do want to point out the Rudbeckia Maxima in the upper left corner of the photo, which is in the area where the tree used to be.

Goldenrod and Perscicaria of some kind

 Coneflowers, Liatris, Allium, Daylilies

Betony of some kind, Black-eyed Susans

Prairie Dropseed

Purple Prairieclover

Coneflowers, German Statice,  Germander, Daylilies

I don't remember what the red blooms are, a salvia of some kind, I think.

I don't remember what kind of grass this is that's blooming, but I know it's not native here.  I don't remember if I cut back the sedum, but they are all blooming earlier than I prefer.

This Salvia, maybe 'Victoria Blue' has been reseeding for a few years.  I like it with the Butterfly Milkweed.

Skullcap, I'm pretty sure, 'Mongolian Skies'.

Baby's Breath

Coneflowers, Betony, Daylily

More Baby's Breath, Common Milkweed

Common Milweed blooms are fading, but even at this stage, I like them.

I haven't decided if this Daylily is staying or going.

I'll probably keep this one.

Continuing our walk on the south end of the bed, heading west, I have to include a photo of the Verbena bonariensis.  It's one of the non-natives I love for all of the bees and butterflies that land on them, and because they are nice fillers in the garden.

I have homes lined up for some of the Daylilies, and this is one of them that I am going to give away.

This may be 'Bushy Blue Bell' Clematis.

We're back to the west end.  I am excited to see the new plants fill in this area.

I'm planning on taking out one of the salvias that are surrounding the little unnamed rose.

Well, it is time for me to get out to the garden.  I hope to get more compost moved around today, and when it gets hot, I want to come in and see what others have blooming.


  1. You have so many beautiful native flowers blooming. Your garden is an inspiration. You can send me that yellow and red daylily if you decide you don't want it!

  2. I can never visit your blog without thinking how lucky your neighbors are. Beautiful! As always.

  3. Oh how I wished I lived in Nebraska right now--I'd be over in a flash, taking some of those daylilies off your hands! I can see why you're keeping the lavender/pink one--I love the pastel colors, too. I love the verbena bonariensis, too, but it doesn't seem to like my garden. My best friend had it all over her garden, even where she didn't want it, but I'm lucky if I get one or two stems to come up a year. Your garden must be on the list of "must-see gardens to visit" for every butterfly and bee in the area!

  4. I love the fullness, the "lush-ness" of your "corner". Seems like every inch of your space is full of interesting color and foliage. I'm glad you take the time to photograph and post.

    (Did I skip over the part telling how much watering you've had to do? Or have you had lots of rain like we've had here in NE Indiana?)

  5. Beautiful blooms!
    Every time I visit your blog I am astonished at the amount and variety of plants you have.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. So you find you can keep the common Milkweed under control in the garden? I was at the Lurie today and they have a patch, the fragrance was so strong you could smell it from 10 yards away.

  7. Oh, I really like that Butterfly Weed and light blue Salvia together--what a beautiful combination! The Prairie Clover intrigues me. I saw some at a prairie during a hike this weekend--I love the shape. Happy GBBD!

  8. You have a beautiful garden. Do you have to replace your baby's breath often? I don't have much luck growing that. Happy GBBD.

  9. Everything is so beautiful! I agree that your neighbors are lucky. My Butterfly Weed has passed and is getting seed pods! Everything else in your garden is ahead of mine. The Prairie Clover is amazing...I've never seen anything like it......we do have a lot of the same have great taste! LOL

  10. All your flowers are so beautiful and you have so many..I went back to some of your old posts and found out the name for wild petunia..I have 2 little plants growing from cuttings in my backyard and I didnt know its name..I did a search but couldnt find anything..thank you..


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