Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Flowers

While we are having some April showers, we are also enjoying April blooms.  I just put up a post that was a few days in the making.  I don't know if I've ever put up two posts in a day, but I am excited about the flowers that are blooming, and want to show them before or expected frost comes.  I'm not sure how they will fare.  So, here's post number two for the day:

I planted bulbs a few years when I first put in some of the beds, but haven't for some time.  I like the pops of color, and am thankful these have come back, but I don't have enough room to have many.  I can't remember what this one is.  Please let me know if you can identify it.  (Thanks to Glenda the first one, and others who identified this as Siberian Squill.)

These flowers are in different areas, and did not show up in order, so I'm just going to post them this way.  I'm only going to label them if they are not daffodils.

Grape Hyacinth:


Prairie Smoke geum:

Grape Hyacinth, and do you see the Hellebore?

Here it is!


I'm not sure what these beauties are, either.  (Glenda and some others also reminded me these are Chiondoxa, Glory of Snow.  Thanks!)

Have I mentioned that I love Hellebores?

I think this one is my favorite right now, and look how well some of the blooms are facing out instead of down!

There are Pasque Flowers in several beds, and they are blooming at different times.  These are another favorite of mine.

The Virginia Bluebells on the east side of the house are doing well.  I hope they spread more next year so I can divide some of them to put in other areas.

Again, happy spring, and I hope it comes quickly to those of you farther north than here.


  1. You have so much blooming, Sue! I'm crazy jealous of your Prairie Smoke...I planted some last spring, and they just didn't do well :-(

  2. It looks like your bulbs came through winter beautifully. I am guessing Siberian Squill for the first bloom and chiondoxa (glory of snow) for the next one.

    I need to try the pasque flowers for some early spring bloom.

  3. I'm sorry your Prairie Smoke didn't do well. I've found it slow growing, especially the first year or two. Try it again if you have a spot for it.

    Thanks, Glenda. Those names do ring my memory. I'll go back and label them after work today.

  4. Wow, you are way ahead of us! Love those pasque flowers. Your hyacinth are pretty too. I agree with the previous commenter: Siberian squill (true blue) and Chinodoxa or glory of the snow (lavender). Just gorgeous!

  5. So fun to see! I have only seen snowdrops in this part of Wisconsin, but I'm sure the others will be here by next week!

  6. I had the same plant you can't id and I can't remember what it is either! I looked up the order I made for the plant and it is Hyacinthoides - hispanica 'Excelsior' commonly known as Spanish bluebells. Stunning. :)

  7. The purple-blue spring flower looks like squill which it's tiny bulbs naturalizes into a grass lawn very well giving a spreading flush of color in the spring. That way you don'g have to worry about 'space' in the flower beds and competition with taller plantings.

  8. Hi Sue....It all looks so beautiful!! Is that Prairie Smoke Geum a native? I ask because I have something that looks just like that foilage in my garden and I keep pulling it out thinking it's a weed.

    1. Yes, Christy, Prairie Smoke is native to our area. I hope the plant you have been pulling is it, and that you still have some to enjoy.

  9. Love the blossoms and adore Prairie Smoke...Must find a place for it in my garden. Happy Spring Sue.

  10. You've got some real beauties Sue. I love the photo of the bicycle tire with the hellebore. Really pretty.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  11. Lots of lovelies! I was going to say Scilla (Siberian Squilla) for that first plant you asked about. I'm crazy about Hellebores, too. I pulled away the leaf mulch that coated them all winter, but now I'm worried it was too early. Hellebores are hardy, though, so hopefully they'll make it through the next few days of COLD, FREEZING weather.

  12. Thanks for all of the nice comments, and the identification of the Siberian Squill and Chiondoxa flowers.

    Yes, we are supposed to have lows in the 20s the next few nights, too. If the blooms are taken down, the plants should still be OK.

  13. Lots of nice blooms! Love the pasque flower, that's one I don't have.

  14. The blooms look lovely. I'm envious of your daffodils. Mine leafed out and that's as far as they progressed. Not one flower :-(

  15. This is what I love about the month of April. It's unique flowers that blooms this time of the year. Beautiful.

  16. You've got it exactly right Sue, many of us use our garden blogs on a journal, so that we know what blooms at what time and what things are planted where!

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  19. Wow, they are surely coming out of hibernation. I love most the hyacinths and muscari or grape hyacinths. Is there anyone among them with scent?

  20. I love your Hellebore collection. So pretty. They are on my future wish list! Love your blog and all the photos of the flowering plants. I will have to look around some more!

    Also, I just realized that Gardening with Nature in Mind does show up on my FB page. I only asked if I could "like" it in order to bring more traffic to your well deserving site! I did not know how FB group pages worked, but it is working!

    Take care!


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