Friday, November 2, 2012

November Blooms

We've had a number of evenings in the upper 20s or lower 30s, so most of the annuals are finished.  Most of the perennials are also done blooming for the season, but I've noticed a few have sent up a bloom or two, even with brown stems.  The fall bloomers are still producing blooms.  After work yesterday, Heidi and I went out to do a yard walk.  I wanted to document the blooms, and it was fun to discover some I hadn't noticed yet.

The bargain rose has a few blooms.

The tall sedums have some new blooms on them.

Most of the goldenrods are finished, but some have a few blooms on them.

There are some new lavender blooms.

Oops! A couple photos of butterfly milkweed seed pods got into this post.

Here's a lone perennial geranium bloom.

The rose verbena bloomed most of the summer, and still has lots of flowers on it.

There are a few new coneflower blooms here and there.

I'm not sure what mums these are.  I added them to the garden a couple years ago when Larry requested them.  They haven't spread as much as the 'Debonairs' that have been here longer.

The New England ex asters are almost finished blooming, but still have some color.

'Debonair' mums

These asters are a hybrid, that I may have named somewhere else on the blog.

Here's a liatris that has a new stem joining the brown finished ones.

This is Riddell's Goldenrod.

The Mexican hats I planted this spring have done well.  I hope they have self sown some seeds that come up in the spring.

I didn't notice this lone black eyed Susan bloom before it got raggedy.

I noticed the sweet alyssum plant while looking for blooms.

The good old gray headed coneflowers are pretty, even as they are fading.

The new flower head on the yarrow, 'Paprika' surprised me.

I think the biggest surprise was the blooms on the honeysuckle.  A neighbor lady gave me a start from her yard when we first moved here 15 years ago, and I don't recall it blooming this late in the season.  Maybe it did when I wasn't looking for photos to put in my blog.  :o)

I'm not sure if I remember the berries, either.  I wonder if birds eat them.

I planted this helenium at least 10 years ago.  I don't remember if it is the native autumnale, but am hoping it is.  I have it in two spots now, and they both have added some new blooms, even though the dried up ones from summer are still hanging onto the roots.

The annual salvias still have some color.

The previous blooms are from the front yard.  The next ones are in the side yard.  This goldenrod is 'Wichita Mountains'.  I didn't see bees on it this day, but there was a fly.

There is a lone bloom on a catmint.

The rudbeckia 'Goldquelle' has been finished blooming awhile, except for this lone one.

I was surprised to see rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' blooms.

I'm glad to have some self sown asters in this area.

This is the 'Black Jack' sedum I got from Judy at Through my Garden Window a few years ago.  I moved it to the area in front of the vegetable garden in the spring, an am glad it is doing well.

This liatris has been in this spot a number of years, and I don't recall it blooming more than once like it is doing this year.

I'm thinking this tall sedum is 'Indian Chief'.  It wasn't doing well in the curb area out front.  Maybe it was because there was too much shade.

The leaves on this clematis get brown in the summer, so I'm surprised to see it blooming again.

I was pleased to see some sweet pea blooms this late in the season.

The butter and eggs toadflax has blooms most of the season.  I'm glad it has lived in this tub for a number of years.  It is too much of a spreader for me to try to grow in the ground.

I almost missed this geranium in my quest for flowers.  It's hard to get a decent photo of red flowers, but I think this one is passable.

I have been watching much of the coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  I have been praying for the people affected by it.  My heart goes out to you. 


  1. A fine collection of end-of-season floral holdouts. I do believe that the birds will eat your honeysuckle berries.

  2. I like he new fall header picture.

    My honeysuckle bloomed again this fall too; in fact,lots of flowers did that had never done it before. I am thinking the cooler, wetter weather fooled them into spring again.

    I need to check my honeysuckle for seeds; I don't think I have every seen any before.

    Have a super weekend.

    Joining you in prayers for our poor friends affected by Sandy.

  3. You're so lucky to still have some blooms. They may not be as "vibrant" as summer, but still beautiful.
    We awoke to snow this morning....but that's ok--I moved here for that reason.

  4. Hi Sue, I'm surprised and happy to see so much still blooming in your gardens. You have a good variety of plants, too. I always see a few things in your gardens that I'm not familiar with. Have a good wknd!

  5. Hi Sue,
    Love your holdouts.......proves how hardy they really are!
    We got quite a few hours of Sandy but are fortunate that there wasn't any real bad damage where I live. Lost our power for about 12 hours and lots of limbs and trees down. I don't live near the coast but it looks like the Cape got it pretty bad in places........Nothing like NYC though! Thanks for the prayers. Those poor people!
    God Bless, Sally

  6. Gosh, you have a lot of perennials still blooming in your garden! Mine are mostly done. I'm concerned that this might be a very cold winter. I wouldn't mind a good amount of snow, but the cold is hard to take. Thanks for sharing your November blooms!

  7. Wow, still so many blooms! Not too may other than mums up here in zone 3-4.


  8. You still have so much still blooming in your gardens! We have been getting our first frosts here so the perennials are pretty much done for the season. The storm also did in a lot of them. It is nice to see so many blooms. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It's good to have so many late blooming flowers, to extend the garden joy. You not only have ones that are still hanging on, but new ones emerging and rebloomers, too. Your 'Debonair' mums still look fresh, with perfect petals. The 'Black Jack' sedum is very showy, because all of the petals don't have to be open for it to look colourful. There aren't as many plants with a scent, now, so your sweetpea flowers would really be appreciated.

  10. I'm amazed by all that is still blooming in your garden, Sue, especially the sweet peas and the clematis. I have a few holdouts, but most of the perennials have given up for the season. They could use a good snow cover this winter, but I'm afraid to make that wish out loud:)

  11. Your garden is doing great, you must be pleased.

  12. Looking good Sue. You have quite a lot of late bloomers, something my garden needs a hand with. It is amazing to still have blooms this late in the season.


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