Sunday, May 6, 2012

West Curb Bed

Spring is in full swing, but summer is trying to come early.  We just don't seem to be having very many days in the 70s.  We have had enough rain, that the plants seem to grow a number of inches every day.  I love it!  I took the photos for this post a couple days ago, and there are changes that have taken place since then.

I started out taking a photo from the yard next door, facing east.

I walked to the street, and  from here, walked around the bed, taking photos of smaller sections, and then, took some farther back in the sections.

Jupiter's beard, salvia, 'Caradonna', perennial geraniums, and the mystery rose are in this part.

There are a number of different perennial geraniums along the edge of the curb.  I deadheaded the irises here.  I am looking forward to the daylilies blooming.

I better cut back the sedums pretty soon, because they opened up and flopped last year, and I want to prevent that from happening.  I would have had it done by now, but I want to give the stems away to people to stick in the ground, as they will root and grow.

I have a variety of liatris plants.  I wish I would have known about all of the native kinds before planting the non-native ones.  I don't remember which these are.

I just found a link that has a chart and good information on different kinds of irises because I couldn't remember the name of these.  They are Dutch irises, which come up from bulbs, and go dormant after they bloom.

I hope the yellow blooming butterfly milkweed gets larger to fill in more space this summer.

This is the original Jupiter's beard that I got a start from for the first one I showed.

I love stokes asters, and liatris.  These may be Kobold, but I'm not sure.

I have one clump of winter savory, the plant on the right, drying.  That's probably all I'll use this winter.  I don't use it often.  Soon, it will be covered with white blooms.

I backed up to get a photo of the area looking west and south, from the edge of the bed.

This is facing west.  The small read blooms are knautia beginning to bloom.

Turning the corner, the aster in the corner is growing back after having a hard cut back in hopes of preventing it from getting mildew, or whatever it sometimes gets, causing the foliage on the stems to turn brown.

The milkweed is sending up shoots far and wide, but they seem to not send up new ones in the same spots I pull them out.  There are flower buds on them now.

I have a t-shirt that has all the insects that visit the "milkweed village".  Aphids and lady bugs are two of them.  I haven't seen any aphids, but if there is a lady bug, there probably are some aphids.

I'm pretty sure these are monarch eggs.

While there are some holes, there are also some crowded plants.

The coreopsis now has some open blooms.

This is the first of the snapdragons to bloom.  These have survived a few winters.

The bush clematis now has some spent blooms.  It sure is a beauty!

The several coral bell plants I moved from under the tree all are doing fine in the curb bed.  They get afternoon shade from neighbor trees.

We made it back to the west end of the yard.  I cut back the fireworks goldenrod in the corner so they won't take up as much space and will bloom a bit later.

I hope you had a great weekend, and got to see the pretty moon Saturday evening.  I am hoping I get the rest of my energy back this week, after being sick and stuffed up awhile.


  1. Hi Sue, your corner garden will be full of lovely blooms in a little more days! What is that with red flowers all slanted to face east? And also that very broadleafed bush, which looks so nice for salad even if i know it can't be eaten!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for your nice comment. The red flowers are Jupiter's Beard. I'm not sure which plant you are asking about. I wonder if they are the tall sedums in the close up of the Jupiter's Beard.

  2. Your curb bed looks beautiful! I really love your clematis and your geraniums. It will be fun to watch the progress of your gardens this spring and summer!

  3. Everything is filling in so nicely, Sue! I love your little touches of driftwood, metal butterflies, baskets, and ducks! It's fun to stop back at the Corner Garden and see how things have changed since the last visit!

  4. I like the bold foliage of the milkweed. What variety is it? My swamp milkweed has shown herbicide damage the last 3 springs.

    1. Hi Greggo, The milkweed in the curb bed is common milkweed. I have swamp milkweed and other kinds in other areas of the yard.

  5. Sue-it's all looking fantastic. Are you going to start in on the neighbor's when you run out of space?

    1. Hi Sue,
      I just remembered it's your blog I haven't been able to leave comments on. I'm assuming you are not accepting them right now. I was sad when I read you are not going to be gardening this summer. If you get a chance, I'd like you to email me. I will pray for you, because I know something is going on that is causing you not to be able to. As far as pity parties go, I've had them for less than that.

  6. This is soooo inspiring! I wish I could do the same with my front yard. That's my dream! I will come back and take some ideas. This is just beautiful! 8)

  7. Oh my gosh, SO pretty! I just love your bush clematis, and your jupiter's beard. And so many wonderful plants coming along which will bloom later! If I had your garden I would never go inside :-)

  8. Looking great Sue. I hope you are feeling 100 percent soonest!


  9. Nice to have another iris info link. I've never cut back my sedums but that makes sense if they're really tall. And, they do root nice to make more plants.
    Your Jupiter's Beard is looking good. Seeing some on your blog got me to put some in the garden. Last year, no blooms, but I have blooms now!

  10. You've done a beautiful job Sue. All your hard work is paying off.

  11. Sue that bed looks good from all angles! Your centranthus reminded me I want to replace mine.

  12. Sorry to hear that the allergy season has slowed down your garden enjoyment. I has to be torture not to be out in all that beauty you have growing every day. I'm always amazed at all the flowers you have in your yards. It's even more amazing that you know what they all are called. It's a real joy to see your tour.

    I can identify with your comment about how fast things are growing this year. That goes for the weeds as well. My new garden area has very aggressive weeds that pop up inches over night. Especially after a nice rain.

    I hope you return to health quickly. Have a great day in the garden if you can.


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