Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can You Help Identify These Young Plants?

Even though I have been gardening many years, there are still times I can't remember what I've planted, and when the plants come up in the spring, I have trouble figuring out what some of them are.  I've been looking at photos from last season, but there are still some I haven't figured out yet.

This may be a blue lobelia that I planted.  It's not exactly where I thought I had planted it, though.  Also, I had a red root plant, which is related to New Jersey Tea around there that died out last summer, but could have just gone dormant.   I tried looking at images of these two plants, but couldn't find any young plants or other photos that were helpful to me.  I will be able to figure this one out with time, unless it's neither of the two I think it may be.

This reminds me of wild quinine, but it looks a bit different.  There is a reddish root under the plant.

I imagine this is a weed, and I couldn't get a clear photo of the little yellow blooms, but I kind of like the plant.

This plant is only a few inches tall.  I am hoping it is a Fremont's clematis, but it is much smaller than the other ones I've seen coming up, and smaller than the ones they have for sale.

I don't know if this is something I planted, or if it is a bird seed that did not get eaten by the birds.  We do have corn coming up all over the yard, but this looks different.

This reminds me of a clematis, too, and is about an inch or two tall.

This is coming up in the front yard garden.  I wonder if it's a dahlia that survived, since winter was so mild.

There are a couple of these in the front yard.  I wonder if they are a liatris of some kind.

If you know what any of these are, please let me know.  Have a wonderful Easter!


  1. You certainly have a lot of nice mysteries in the garden. I'm afraid I'm no help. With the warm days, you'll see a lot of growth on them I'm sure.
    Frost advisory for us tonight--the reason I haven't set out anything tender yet. Mother Nature can be fickle. Nothing out there that can't take a frost.
    Happy Easter.

  2. I think you're right about the Liatris and the Clematis plants. I wonder if the plant with little yellow flowers is some type of mustard? I'm not sure about the other ones. Isn't it fun to solve the mystery?

  3. I grow a lot of dahlias, and I'm pretty sure that is one returning after your mild winter. I also think you're right about the clematises. I have a blue lobelia coming up in a pot outside, but I can't remember what it looks like. I'll check it in the morning. And your cute weed is definitely a weed, I just can't remember right now what it's called.

  4. I'm afraid-- I'm absolutely NO HELP.
    Unless it has the little label sticking out of the ground when it sprouts...forget it!

    You will show us pictures once everything is in full blown stage...then I might come closer to making a guess.

    I love your garden in full bloom.


  5. Hi Sue, Well...that first plant looks like a Jupiter's Beard to me. That alleged Dahlia does look like a Dahlia! Amazing that one would survive in Nebraska! The alleged Clemmies look like Clemmies too. I sure like your Corner Garden photo. It's amazing what has transpired in just a few short weeks.

  6. The fourth one may be a rudbekia? But what fun! I love to have things come up that I don't know and figure out what they are. A little mystery!


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