Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it Winter? What's with this Squirrel? Blogging

Our weather has been more like spring than winter lately.  I felt guilty about having the photo of our house in the snow as my header, so I took some photos today to show what it really looks like.  I also took some photos of plants that look like they think it's spring.

Since I used a new knife instead of my herb scissors cutting rosemary a week ago, and cut a little of the skin on a finger and part of the nail, I haven't been able to do anything involving lifting or pulling.  It is supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow.  I may try to pull out the tomato plants that are still out there, but will need to be careful not to bump my cut.  The few times I have bumped it were very painful.  I am tempted to plant some lettuce.  I normally try to get some in in February.  I figure it will come up when the soil is warm enough.  The soil is probably warm enough now, though.  Still, it doesn't cost that much for seeds, and takes no effort to plant a few short rows.

Here are the daffodils on the south side of the house.  I don't remember when they usually appear, but I'm thinking not this early.

These crocuses are also on the south side of the house.

I'm thinking it is normal for the larkspur seedlings to come up in the fall, and stay small over the winter.  These are from the plants I transplanted from the vegetable garden last summer.  There are lots of smaller ones in the upper part of the photo.

The phlox 'Pilosa' is nice and green, and safe from the rabbits that are still around and grazing.  I just planted some this year, and hope they do well next summer.

The snapdragons have such resistance to the cold!

I can't remember what this is, maybe an iris of some kind.   It looks like the rabbits have been chewing on the shoots.

The hellebores have new growth.

This is a different plant.  It sure looks happy.  I had planned on moving it so I can put plants in the planter in front of the house that can handle dry sun.

I will need to protect this woodland phlox from the rabbits soon.

Larry and I noticed this squirrel with missing hair earlier today.  I was glad it was still around so I could get some photos.  I did a search and found there can be different causes for this.  

It moved after a couple photos.  It looks healthy, other than the hair loss.

I took these photos earlier in the day.  In looking closer, I saw that this is the same squirrel.  So far, the only birds we are seeing are sparrows.  I hope other kinds we normally have come around soon. 

This obviously, is a different one.  I would like them to be more afraid of us.

 Oh, I just remembered that Catherine, of A Gardener in Progress recently posted on her 3rd blogging anniversary, which reminded me that mine was in October.  My memory isn't good, so I checked to see if I mentioned it in October, and I didn't.  Like Catherine, I am thankful for all of the people I have met, and things I have learned from them.  I've probably mentioned this before, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed because I cannot physically keep up with all of the blogs I like to read, and I am not able to reply to each comment you leave.  I do try to return the visit, though.  I am thankful for all the nice people I met on Blotanical, but I haven't been taking the time to go there, either.  I miss it.  Maybe there will be a time I can go back to picking posts.  I don't seem to be posting as often either.   Still, I do not have plans to quit.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and will have a blessed 2012. 


  1. Unbelievably, I actually have some small blooms in my yard on the wooly speedwell. .and also have a ton of larkspur seedlings that will wait their turn for spring to set in. .I always think they look kind of like weeds in the winter. Enjoy your spring weather. .surely it won't last all winter?

  2. Hi Sue! It has been a very strange winter here in Minnesota, too! Warmer than usual and we have hardly any snow at all. I'm not complaining - ha! I did read that lots of plants think it's spring so I'm not surprised to see your little sprouts. That sure is a gutsy little squirrel!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  3. I noticed our daffodils are poking thru too... and I was wondering if they're coming early...but I remembered they are blooming around Valentines day,here. So maybe not. But, You're in Nebraska...I bet they ARE EARLY for y'all.

    I'm still growing broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, radishes and today...I noticed Brussels sprouts!

    Take care-

  4. Hi Sue
    We're having a warm winter too here in northern Michigan--we just got our first snow-only 4" and it's supposed to be in the 40's this weekend. I think I wasted money on snowmobile trail stickers this year. Bah!
    Dec 15 , we had an earthworm by our backdoor. We're supposed to have four feet of snow!

  5. Good morning Sue ~ It's amazing that snow is not covering the north, like normal. You sure have a lot of nice things starting to show themselves in your gardens.

    Congrats on your anniversary for blogging.

    May 2012 be a wonderful year for you.


  6. Hi,

    It looks like we're not the only ones who are having an unusually warm winter thus far.
    I've far too many spring and even late spring plants coming up including some Bluebells and Tulips. I'm very nervous that snow or cold weather will hit and we'll end up with everything being kiled off!

    Congrats on your anniversary; it's amazing how quickly time passes! I never thought I'd keep up a blog for so long.

  7. Sue, I noticed some tulips coming up by the kitchen door. I know that is the earliest ever. It worried me so I piled more leaves on top of them. It worries me that this garden year may be as erratic as the last one.....

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary.

  8. Crazy weather, Sue. But encouraging to see things still growing - even if it is the wrong time of year for crocuses and daffodils. Our plants are nestled warmly under a blanket of snow, but the forecast is for a thaw which always means trouble for the perennials here in Canada.

    Enjoy the warm weather while you still have it.

  9. The weather has been odd all over this winter. It's winters like this, with a late freeze that hurt everything. Poor little squirrel. I bet he's cold without his winter coat!

  10. Hi Sue. My daffodils look the same way. I was hoping this cold spell and a little snow would stop them from growing but it has warmed back up now so they will probably keep right on going.Your squirrel does look healthy maybe it was caused from fleas or something.Have a wonderful week.

  11. Hi Sue. Congrats on you b.anniversary. Can't really say if it's strange weather or not. I supposed I'm blessed to be here and enjoy it either way! Thanks for commenting recently on some of my post. You are a great encourager and I hope you find encouragement from your blog, bloggers, and your garden. God Bless you and keep you as the Christmas song goes!

  12. You have a lot of spouts out in the garden. I noticed some larkspur sprouts the other day here and love in the mist starts in the fall and gives a little green around our patio through winter.
    Odd about the squirrel.
    Enjoy the warm weather.

  13. I don't have any daffodils emerging yet, but I've seen them on other blogs, too. It's certainly been a warm enough winter so far that I wouldn't be surprised to see mine pop through one of these days, too. Poor squirrel! They can be such a nuisance, but still I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with him.

    I know how you feel about blogging. I still enjoy it, but writing posts takes me so much time that I don't do it as often, nor can I visit everyone as much as I used to. I have to push myself away from the computer sometimes, or I'd never get anything done! I'm even worse about Facebook. Write when you can and don't feel guilty if you can't visit that often, Sue.

  14. We're thinking alike regarding the squirrels. You got some great shots! I can't believe you have spring plants that far along! Although the mild weather seems to be the rule in most parts of the country. I hope your finger heals fast!

  15. I'm hoping my garlic is ok that I planted in November .. with the warmer temps, it would be easy picking for our ground squirrels (If they like garlic;). We have no snow .. so don't be fooled by my blog pic either .. it all melted just after Christmas. Happy new year.


  16. Good to see your garden waking up, Sue. I know how you feel about keeping up with blogs. I tend to spend a couple of hours per week going through recent posts on my blogger dashboard, but I'm sure I miss tons of posts. I don't remember the last time I logged in at botanical, but I'm very thankful for everyone who found my blog through it.

  17. This warm winter is definitely strange. It was 63 degrees today in NYC. I didn't even wear a winter coat. Very bizarre indeed!

    Yes, they freeze the pierogies.
    And I forgot to respond to your other question about bubble tea. Bubble tea is a tea based drink with tapioca or fruit at the bottom of the drink. It's either frozen or served with ice.
    It's one of my favorite drinks. If you have one in your area, try it!

  18. I thought daffodils were showing in late Feeb or March...hmmmn

  19. Weirdly warm here in Oklahoma too. Last year at this time we were under several feet of snow, which was unusual for us in the other direction.

    That naked little squirrel is going to suffer when it gets really cold. It doesn;t look like he has mange.

    I know how those cut fingers are. I cut my pinkie cutting cabbage for kraut last summer. It has healed but is still tender. Get one of those metal slip-on finger guards at Walgreens. They really help. Hugs, Ilene

  20. This weather is crazy this year. What happened to winter. My gardens are waking up too, actually they never really slept this winter. I hope this doesn't mean an extra long summer - if so it will be a very hot one.

  21. My garden blogaversary was in November. I never remember it when I should so you're in good company. I'm glad you're having a mild winter. After the few humdingers we've had it's nice to have a break. Your hellebore looks fabulous. I hope your finger heals up soon.

  22. Lovely to visit your special garden and thank goodness there is some Spring beginning to appear. While it is very mild here, it is tending towards greyness and a lack of good light. Roll on more growth. The squirrel was a treat !


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