Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday Merging with Wildflower Wednesday

I had so much going on last week, that I didn't make it out to garden in the milder weather we had, and did not get on the computer much, either.  I did remember, though, that Gail's Wildflower Wednesday is this week, and also wanted to get in on Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday.  I went out this afternoon and took some photos of plants that are either native or wild.

I have a question.  Are all native plants wildflowers?  I know not all wildflowers are native to any one area, but I'm not sure the difference.  I think I've read something about that, but am not remembering what it was.  I just did a search, but didn't have time to look very far.  I did read something about wildflowers are plants that grow without human care.

I know I've shown the Joe Pye Weed several times, but it is almost finished blooming, and I wanted to 

 The bees are still interested in the flowers, though.  I see lots at a time on them, and the butterflies are still frequenting the blooms, as well.

I've been showing the wild quinine all summer.  I don't remember if it reseeds.  If it doesn't, I plan on getting some more next year.  I could use more all season bloomers.  It is a little difficult getting a good photo of it, though.

Many white flowers turn dark and look dirty when finished blooming, but I've only seen white on these so far.

 There are even new blooms opening down low on the plant.  This is the height it was when it first began blooming.

The beauty berry berries are forming.  In the fall, they will turn their bright purple/pink.

The liatris asperas I planted this spring are blooming at different times.  They should be taller next year.

I still can't remember if I planted this mountain mint.  I'm thinking I did, since it is not exactly the same as the other two I have.  The wasps seem to like it as well as the others.

Culver's Root:

Native switchgrass:

I deadheaded the butterfly milkweed, and this one is blooming again.

Skullcap 'Mongolian Skies':

Rudbeckia triloba:

Short toothed mountain mint:

Rudbeckia 'herbstonne':

Rudbeckia 'Goldquelle':

False sunflowers:

Rudbeckia 'laciniata hortensia'

Linaria vulgaris:

Sweet Pea:

Rattlesnake master:

Phlox 'Robert Poore':  (The front side of the tag said it was a U.S. native.)

I deadheaded the ironweed, and it has put out some more blooms.

I hope things are going well for you.  My thoughts and prayers are with the folks in the east where the earthquake was, and those who are bracing for Hurricane Irene.


  1. I'm anxious to see your beautyberry in full color. I've been eyeing those for a bit now and would love to get one.
    You have a nice variety of Rudbeckia. I've always just had Goldsturm, but have put in a few different ones this year and enjoy them a lot.
    Have a great weekend Sue

  2. Boy, Sue, you do have a lot going on. Hey, the liatris in the header photo. It's purple, but it's so tall! My purple one is short and my white one is tall. Do you know what the name of that one is?

  3. You are making my vow to cut way back very hard to keep.

    I listed 8 plants that I really like your garden!

  4. Everything looks very happy! Love the new header.

  5. Wow, Sue, I love all of your plants. You've done a wonderful job and everything looks fantastic. I really love your Joe Pye Weed.


  6. Sue, I always enjoy visiting your gardens! The rattlesnake master, Joe Pye Weed, skullcap, mountain mint and wild quinine are beautiful! All things I don't have but could likely grow as I'm in zone 5 in central Iowa. Love your garden, Sue!
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Sue, Beautiful and interesting blooms, as always. Jean

  8. do you mean those are wildflowers! They deserve to be domesticated for those lovely blooms. When put in a pot for an aesthetic purpose, to me that is already not wild! LOL.

  9. I don't have the answer to which are natives and which are wildflowers, but I tend to use the term interchangeably. Maybe natives are wildflowers that you see more often in people's gardens:) Either way, you have a fantastic collection, Sue! I love all the different rudbeckias; they make me want to plant some different varieties.

  10. I love the Mountain Mint and the Rattle Snake Master. I bought a Rattle Snake this year but I forgot about it and forgot to put it in the ground and it died. I'll have to try again next year and be a little more attentive.

  11. Your Mountain Mint is really awesome. I wish I had room for it. I'm loving my Joe Pye too. It's such an awesome plant. BTW, congrats on being Yard of the Month. I can see why you were chosen!

  12. Looking Good! Next year, I must deadhead my butterfly weed for a second blooming....

    Google will not take my comment, sigh....

    Skeeter (In the Garden)


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