Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lots of Photos of Spring on my Corner

I almost titled this post, "Too much to do, and not enough time, but that's OK, it's spring!"  It was a glorious weekend!  I have a cold, so I had to pace myself, and I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked to, but I sure had fun, and took lots of photos.

The first few were taken by Larry on Saturday.  When I told KJ I wanted to go out to garden, he asked if we were going to pick tomatoes.  That 3 year old sure has a good memory!  He was happy to go to my veggie garden across the street, where there is lots of room to dig. We're quite the pair.  I have mismatched gloves on, and could only find one of his.

I also had him pull out a few annuals that hadn't gotten pulled yet.

When he went back to digging, he said he wanted to dig for worms.  I don't remember if we've done that, but we have probably found them while digging before.  I came over and helped him dig deeper, but we didn't see any.  That's OK.  We got to be outside.

Spring is really busting out in our area.  I made lots of fun discoveries today.  I want to include this photo taken from the front porch.  I had planted some pansies, but decided to wait to plant these last couple until the colder temps had subsided.  They have, so these came out of the garden window today.  Soon, there will be more little friends joining them, and Larry will be nervous until they get planted.  There is a row of hellebores against the house.  I toss leftover water and coffee on them, because they don't like to dry out.

I used to have the daffodils all across this bed, but the foliage takes so long to fade to the point of being able to be taken out, I tired of it, and took a bunch out.

The bergenia has a bud!

I am so pleased the 'Jack Frost' Brunnera I planted last spring under the tree in the front yard is coming up.  I am going to have to find another spot for it before the tree comes down.

The pansies that I planted survived the lows in the 20s, as usual.  I wasn't sure if they would, since I'd just planted them.  Squirrels keep digging them out, and I keep replanting them.  I put on some dried pepper flakes, but that didn't phase them.

The curb beds probably have too many leaves on them, but things are looking good so far.  I think that everything that should be up is.

 I'm thinking about getting some more fencing like this to put in the area that will be planted when the tree comes down.

The east side of the house:

I love my pasque flowers!

This may be my favorite discovery of today.  A friend gave me a start to some Virginia bluebells last spring, and I wasn't sure if they died, or went dormant without blooming.  There are a nice number of these buds.  I am so tickled!  Thanks, Janet!

This 'Yellow Lady' Hellebore is a beauty, even though the blooms don't have the reddish splotching they are supposed to have.

I don't remember the name of this hellebore.  I just realized that the hellebores that didn't get as much water last year are actually blooming before the others, and have more leaves.

The lettuce, spinach, and radishes are up in the veggie garden.  The peas beets and carrots are not up yet.  We got another section of chicken wire put up in there today.

I hope to harvest some rhubarb before the stalks get huge this year.

I spent more than the time writing this post than I'd allotted to myself, and now, I won't be able to visit other blogs tonight.  I hope April is being good to you so far!


  1. It all looks're so fortunate to be getting some spring weather. We seem to be stuck in snow-mode....UGH!

  2. Sue,

    The blue bells look wonderful! The hellebore that is supposed to have pink blotching, might change as the flowers mature. Or maybe not :)

  3. How wonderful to have all that sprouting beauty to look forward to every spring. Living down here, things are growing year round so there's not that wonderful anticipation. It looks like you and your grandson have great times together.

    I love all of your flowers, I think I'm really becoming a lover of hellebores via the web.

    Happy Spring and Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. Sue you have lots to look forward to. I love that your grandson gets to "play" out with you. Ours lived too far away.

    I would leave all that mulch in weeds that way.

    My sis gave me a pot of bluebells that I left in the pot overwinter and they have lots of buds that I am anxiously waiting for! Then in a permanent home for them.

  5. I think were about 5-6 days ahead of you. Weatherman calls for low 30's tonight, probably have to cover a few things as i have planted a shipment of perennials from California.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Love the photos of you and your grandson. Your gardens are going to be full and lush in no time.

  7. Hi,

    Lovely to see the growth in your garden, you must be excited to see the flowers in bloom and excited for what is yet to come.

  8. Very nice selection blooming Sue, they are all coming in nicely.

  9. Looks like you'll have lots of things to look forward to seeing bloom. .fun afternoon spent with your grandson! Two of my boys helped in our garden last week. .and we finally got some more seeds planted. .including those beets!! Now. .if we could only keep them moist. .it was 95 here yesterday with 50 mph gusts. .boooo!!

  10. Some wonderful pictures here, Sue, of all the new growth and colour appearing in your garden right now...but best of all, were the pictures of you with your precious grandson, working side-by-side in the garden! Those scenes are priceless :)

    So glad you had such a good day out in the sun (in spite of not feeling so well!)

  11. It is so good to see all those plants coming back to life. You really have a great helper for your garden.

  12. It's looking great there Sue! I bet your grandson loved getting out and playing in the dirt. I know my kids can't wait to get out, if it would just stop raining for awhile. You've got quite the collection of Hellebores now, I love the yellow one.
    Hope you feel better!

  13. Happy Spring to you Sue! Lots going on in your gardens and how wonderful that your grandson enjoys being out there with you! Lovely!

  14. Beautiful hellebores Sue. I see you have a garden to replace the grass strip along the street. That is something I have been thinking about but have yet to do anything about. I need dog repellent plants!

  15. Looks like you had a great day with KJ, Sue! My three-year-old grandson enjoys picking tomatoes, too--except that he thinks they make perfect baseballs:) I see Heidi is enjoying the sunny spring weather, too; Sophie has also been thrilled that I'm spending more time out in the garden these days as well.

    Looks like spring is indeed bustin' out all over at your place!

  16. It's incredible when you think how those little bits of green will in a few weeks be a lush, full, and blooming garden. I love spring!

  17. What a cutie Sue. They do have the sharpest memories. I wish mine was like that. LOL! Your garden is coming alive and doesn't it feel so good.I love Pasque flowers too. Mine are almost ready to bloom but yours are ahead of mine.I love heir fuzzy heads and leaves. Have a great week. Maybe it will warm up for us and stay that way. Fingers crossed.

  18. I really like the pictures of the Yellow Lady's and the Virginia Bluebells. I don't think I have seen flowers like that before.

  19. What a great start to SPRING! You have inspired me. Thanks

  20. Spring is well on its way and I know you must be happy. Good to see you out with the little one and also your fur baby. The gloves cracked me up as I have been known to wear mismatched gloves as well. Love the pic of fur baby in front of the fire hydrant! Too cute. Happy Spring!!!

  21. Sue it is so nice to see so much green coming up in the gardens. Can't wait to see those hyacinth blooms. Sweet that you and the grand could look for worms. Hope you are having a good day.

  22. So much is happening, suddenly! It's so great to see all this progress, so glad your bluebells came back!


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