Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Cardinal

We've had a few mild days, but winter is not finished.  The last couple of days, we kept hearing something about the probability of snow today.  I kept looking out of windows at work, as the clouds got thicker and thicker.  Around 1:30 this afternoon, I saw a few flakes falling.  I looked out again every few minutes, as the snowfall got heavier and heavier.  When I got off work, there was at least an inch on the vehicles.  I needed to stop at the store after work, and there were at least a couple inches of snow on the car after I got my 4 bags of groceries.  By supper, the news said we'd had 3 inches, and could get several inches more by tomorrow.

I know some of you are part of this system, too, or have had your own to deal with.  Where should we hold our pity party?  Well, I guess I should be glad for more moisture for the plants.  I am just having a harder time waiting for spring to get here than normal.

I took some photos of the snowy sky for SkyWatch Friday after work.  I am posting my sky photos on this blog now.

As we were eating supper this evening, Larry lightly tapped my arm, then pointed to the window feeder.  I went for my camera, but the cardinal he had noticed flew away.  Later, I saw one again, and started taking photos from the hall, but had problems because the glass shelf is in the way, and the top part of the bird was either distorted, or not in the photos.  I was able to get into the room and sit down, but when it's warm enough, we need to figure out where to put the feeder so I can get better photos.

 The bird turned around and faced the window after I took a few photos.  I'm not sure if I realized the belly was that much lighter than the back.

Finally, I got a photo of the head, but not much of the body.  Now, I'm wondering if the male flew away and this is a female.  (Thanks to those who told me this is a female.  I think what happened, was, that the male flew off as the female was landing.  I thought he had turned around, but it makes sense that the movement was them switching spots.)

Poor thing, out in the snow!  Enjoy the safflower seeds!

I hope all is well in your world.


  1. Sue, I know you'll figure out where to place the feeder and you'll capture that beauty in having snack by the window~Keep warm. So sorry winter is hanging around. gail

  2. Hi Sue, Common dilemma. I have to stand at the window to take photos! ;-) You certainly did the best you could, though!

    Our forecast calls for snow tonight... the amount is quite varied, so we'll see what happens tomorrow! Take care.

  3. Oh, just look at that little snowy beak! It's wonderful you feed your birds, Sue and such a clever idea to have the feeder attached right outside your window like that! Lovely pictures. Hope you're keeping warm and snug and are well over the cold/flu symptoms you had a while ago :)

  4. What a beautiful visitor! I have a bird feeder like that too, but I haven't put it up yet. Maybe I should soon, to attract such pretty birds!

  5. Love the cardinals-they are such a bright spot.
    And NO NO NO with the snow! You're supposed to be getting spring-like!! We're heading out today and expected to arrive in Nebraska on Monday-you better get busy getting rid of that stuff!

  6. Oh oh oh, poor Ms. Cardinal with a snout full of snow! The photos are a bit surreal with the shelf cutting the image in half. At first it looked like two shots spliced together! Cool but you probably want a more unobstructed view. I love the glass shelf though. :-)

  7. Sue, that is the female cardinal. We aren't having nearly so many birds now that the snow is gone.

    The birds here have gotten used to me standing at the kitchen window and if I don't make any sudden movements, I can get some good shots of them.

    Hang in there Spring will soon be here!

  8. You had a pair. Get a few hanging feeders and put them on your shepherds hooks with sunflower and you will be amazed at red and friends coming in.I had 210 birds and 10 species in 15 minutes for the Cornell backyard bird count.

  9. I am sick of snow. I want to get in the garden, this is putting me behind. Oh well. More planning time.
    We will eventually get there, hopefully at sometime.
    Enjoyed your cardinals. I do not get Cardinals where I am at, so I enjoy the color.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Your banner heralding spring in 23 days has made my day! Love the cardinal pics...I do think that's a female, though.

    I saw a bright red male this morning but couldn't get a shot of him. I'm going to leave the camera closer to the window in case he shows up, again.

  11. Hasn't this just been the wildest winter, no matter where you live? We accumulated over 3 feet here on Long Island (NY) but that isn't even half our record (75 inches back in 95, I think). Still, I think it was just having one storm right after another that's getting to all of us.
    My sister lives in Georgia, and even they got snow! Global warming? Pfft.
    At least the cardinals are pretty to see against all that white!

  12. I think they are wonderful shots Sue. I do not know how those birds stand this winter stuff.Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  13. Way to keep after that Cardinal the snow covered beak.

  14. Dear Sue, Thankfully we have the birds to cheer us during this long, depressing winter. Your cardinals are a bright spot on the white snow. Have a blessed weekend ... spring WILL arrive soon. P x

  15. Sue...I like the picture of the snow on the bird's beak.....Bless his little heart.....I am sure he enjoyed the nice seeds......Hope spring comes soon......
    Prayers, Bo

  16. Hello Sue,
    thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
    Your pictures are very nice!! It is not easy to take pictures through the window:)
    Cardinals love sunflower seeds.
    - Cheers Gisela.
    You asked....
    1)What garden zone are you in?
    We are in 5b zone (Toronto, Canada)
    2)I'm thinking that's German I'm seeing on your blog, isn't it?
    Yes, I write my posts in both languages; English and German. I have many visitors from european countries.
    Lots of fun...Viel Spass.

  17. Very nice shots. Cardinals are such beautiful birds, as evident with your photos of them with snow on their beaks and all! Today I heard some around here (I'm still in Massachusetts) but never spotted them to take their pictures. I expect with spring being 23 days away, I'll be seeing them soon.

  18. Aww Sue spring will be here soon, I promise!

  19. We are having early summer temperatures here in the Houston area after only 2 weeks ago it still was way too cold here for this time of the year. Finally it is the time of the year when I can sit outdoors and watch the birds in my backyard.
    So I hope for you the Spring to come in your area before long too. Just hang in Sue. ;)
    Born and raised in KS, I know about the really cold winters and how hard it is on the birdies. Even we actually don't have a long and cold Winter down here in SE Texas, I keep feeding the birds year around and the Cardinals are always on the guest list. Before long the Hummingbirds will come in too.
    You took a really nice picture of the Cardinal in the snow and I can only confirm, they seem to love the sunflower seeds the most.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  20. I wish we had Cardinals here! We mostly have seagulls, robins, crows and great blue herons.

  21. Thanks for visiting and leaving such nice comments. It looks like your garden is a busy place all year round with animal life.


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