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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Changes and Rules (not gardening related)

(I started this post 8/31/13, and almost forgot to finish it.)

I am not one who normally resists change, but am still processing the changes that are being made to our beloved Haymarket area of downtown, where the farmer's market Larry and I live closest to is.  We have a routine, and go there almost every Saturday morning of the season.  I don't think we've missed any this year.

Our city has a new arena that has just been completed, and each week when we go to the farmer's market, I have wondered why they didn't put it farther west, which was where I was thinking in my mind that it was going to be.  This morning (8/31/13), Larry didn't go, because he was not feeling well, and I got there a bit later than usual, so had to park farther away.  I had my camera with me to take some photos, and started in the area next to where I parked.

One of the changes is that they are now attending the parking lots on the west side.  This evening is UNL's first football game, and so folks now have to give the attendants $20.00 when they arrive, and if they leave before 1:30, they get $17.00 back.  The lot on the left is new.  I forgot to see if the meters were still in the lot on the right.  I hope they are, for non-game days.  (I parked on the street, where they have not had meters in the past, but are in the process of installing them.)

I have not been keeping up with all that is being put into the area.  This is the first time I have been in this area.

I was walking toward the north, and facing east in this photo.  This is the older part of the area.

I'm not sure if there is a new business in this building, but we are sad that Crawdaddy's is no longer in business.  We don't go out to eat often, but that was one we both liked.

I'm continuing to head north, and facing the old side of the area.

I don't know how old this station is, or when it no longer was used for a train station.  I need to learn more about our history!

Here is the area to the west, across the street.

Back east:

There are two square pillar type things with beautiful glass and art work.

Looking back south:

We have made it to the west edge of the farmer's market (facing east).

I just kept taking photos back and forth.  It's amazing how many buildings are going up!

This is part of the new entertainment district, where people will be able to carry their drinks from one  establishment to another in the outdoor area, but there is a dress code, which I understand businesses are allowed to have.  It just bugs me because tank tops will not be allowed, yet one of the establishments is going to be one of those that has scantily clad women wait staff.  I disapprove of those places for a number of reasons, but really, was this what women have fought for the right to do?  I wonder what some of the women in the past who fought for equal rights would think of this.

I think this is the building where a restaurant is going in that our nephew will be working at.  Except for the arena, I think the buildings blend into the area pretty well.

Here's a closer view of the sign.  People living here will have quite the view.

I love this old sewer drain.

So, here it is, part of the reason for all of the other development, which I forgot to mention was not without controversy.  They are still finding more diesel fuel in the area from the old train station.

There was a Secret Supper held here, that I would have loved to go to.  I guessed at a pretty high price for the tickets, and was shocked when I looked and saw they were way more than my guess.  It will have to be some very special performance that we are willing to splurge for in order for us to go to a concert there.  There are some people coming I may be interested in going to, but we haven't even been able to afford concerts at other venues lately.

I hope the growing areas do well.  That's the post office next to the arena.

I was tickled to see Amsonia hubrichtii in this area.  It will be an awesome plant to have there, looking great in all seasons.

The liatris is stressed, but hopefully, it will be OK.

It was fun to go on this walkway.

I met a woman who was willing to take this photo of me wearing my tank top.  I think this is part of the entertainment district, but am not clear on that.  She had a tank top on, too, and laughed at the thought of us being "rebels".   She didn't know about the dress code, though.  I took a photo of her from behind, but see I didn't get it into the post.

There are some pretty good views from the bridge.  This is the beloved Bob Devaney Sports Center, our football stadium.  I am a rare bird in our state.  I would say a huge percent of us are devoted Cornhusker football fans, while others cannot stand football.  I am one who can take it or leave it.  I don't keep track of who we are playing when until the last minute, if then, and if I have a game on, I am also doing something else, and not watching much of it.

Our football coach has been in the news the last few days because of a foul mouthed rant he went on a couple years ago before an interview, that I'm thinking he didn't know was being recorded.  Maybe I am finished turning the games on, not so much about the remarks, but how much these guys seem to be worshiped to the point they are not held to the same standards as others. 

This is a bridge that goes to what must be the east side of Haymarket Park, which is where the Salt Dogs play baseball.  I'm not into baseball, or any other sport besides gardening, either, so I forgot this is what it was called until I looked it up.  Since this was the day of the first football game, someone looked to be getting ready for a tailgate party.

I'm not sure in what way the railroad tracks were rerouted for the project, but that must have been a factor in the placement of the buildings.

I must have included this photo to see the proximity of the building to where I was, and where the tracks are.

The walkway I was on will be extended to Haymarket Park.  People will be able to park there for events at the new arena.

My zoom was able to reach Haymarket Park.  If I would have been paying attention, I would have seen the name of it on the building.

Back to the walkway, here is an outside gathering area.  There were a number of these planters here.

Looking back to the south and west, here's the building.

Walking back to the south, I used my zoom to get a photo of some older buildings, including the state capital building.

The east side of the arena:

I asked this nice officer if he was going to enforce the dress code, and as he hesitated, I added, or is that going to be up to the businesses?  He nodded.  He gave me permission to post his photo.  I found out I know someone who he is related to. 

The post office is the closest building to the east of the arena.  Some people say the area will be developed in the next few years.

I took the next photos on the east side of the block I had shown photos of before I got to the arena.

These condos, across the street to the east of the new area have been here a number of years.  There used to be an island with parking meters on either side.

I sure took lots of photos!  This is looking back to the west.

Crossing the street to the south, we make it to the farmer's market.

This brick sculpture is "Iron Horse Legacy" by Jay Tschetter.  We have a print of it in our living room.

This past Saturday, the 14th, many of these vendors didn't come, because the football game started at 11:00 a.m.  I don't know what time it is this week, or if it's in town, but I hope it's later in the day.

Heading south, there are vendors on the sidewalk, too.

Here is the east side of the train station.

We've reached the south end, and are turning toward the east.

This is an east/west street, around the corner from the other vendors.  During the peak of the season, there are also sellers on the next block.

I know we will get used to the changes to the area, but I still wish they could have done it all a block to the west.

I hope all is well with you.  I have been watching the coverage of the horrible tragedy at the naval base.  Please give your loved ones an extra hug when you see them, and forgive those who you need to.  Let's all take care of each other.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Downtown Farmer's Market for SkyWatch

I can't remember who is having a Farmer's Market meme, so please let me know if you know who it is. I decided to combine it with my SkyWatch post. (Click here to see more skies from all over the world, or find out the rules for posting yours.

This is facing west. The market is at the end of the block. I wanted to include the flags since it's almost Independence Day.

This is my husband, Larry, and our grandson, who enjoyed his first visit to the farmer's market.

The man on the right sells catfish and trout that he raises.

Next is the place where there are long lines when they bring their corn, which should be soon.

The woman on the right is the market director, the one who blows a whistle at 8:00 a.m. when the sellers can start taking money.

This is a much larger market than the Thursday one I posted on. These vendors are to the west of the previous ones.

Going back east, facing south, you can see the block long row of vendors, some in the street, others on the sidewalk. There is another row of vendors next to the ones on the left.

I had to turn around to the north and take a picture of the sky.

I buy a lot from this family. They are on the south end, and we are about to go around the loop.

Heading back north, this row is on the other side of the one we just passed.

There are some vendors on the sidewalk on this side, too.

These plants are from a nearby town's garden center.

This is where the longest line usually is, as they use organic methods, and their salad mixes are popular.

We get some ostrich meat once in awhile.

There are lots of things one can buy at the market.

Turning around to the south, you can see the string trio playing under the green awning.

We just walked south to the end of the block, turned the corner to the east, and there are more vendors on each side of the street.

Continuing east:

We got to the end of the block, and are now facing north, where you can see even more vendors! Some years they don't use this space, but usually they do. There is only one row of vendors here.

Our last stop each week, to the east, is The Mill, where I've posted from before, where we get granitas or coffee to take home to enjoy on our deck with the muffins we buy at the farmer's market.

Keaton thought it was all pretty cool, and Heidi was hoping to catch crumbs.

The sky was prettier than the last time I took my camera, when they were grey in every direction. See? (This is another family I buy from frequently.)